Monday, May 29, 2017

Joe hopes people ask, "Why is he doing that?"

A great man once said “The time is always right to do what is right.” That man was Martin Luther King Jr. He stood for change and risked his life so that we can live better today. 
Change doesn’t always have to be super big, but change can be something really simple. Like help feed the less fortunate or even telling someone to have a nice day. For this service project, I would like to make some change in our community. Every day I ride my bike to TCC because I do not own a car and I go the same way every day and I notice a lot of trash on the sidewalks that will be untouched for days.
            My proposal was to set up a group that is willing to spend about three days a month volunteering their time to help pick up trash that surrounds the campus of TCC, like Appelyard drive and Pensecola St. I believe that picking up and keeping our community clean is a great way to give back. Every day I see at least one piece of trash outside and I cannot be the only one who sees it. People might say that picking up trash won’t help the community. But littering is considered pollution and pollution is no Bueno for our health and the health of our environment. By reducing the amount of liter in our community we can make our air cleaner and live healthier. I was thinking that the group would volunteer at least three times a month, during the beginning, middle, and end of each month. And this is a great way to show the community that doing something as little as picking up a piece of paper can be good.
            Overall I would say that this service project was successful because I grew as an individual and could see the difference challenging work can do! Even though I said I would start a group to help me out, in the end no one wanted to come with me and offer their assistance. Which is alright because I could do it myself. I enjoyed cleaning up the environment even though it was only one street and that same street keeps on getting dirty every other day. But the result wasn’t just a clean street for a day, It was gaining the knowledge that helping others or the environment or whatever you think is right is always good knowledge. Hopefully when I was on the side of the road picking up trash inspired someone to ask themselves “Why is he doing that?” It’s great to impact someone without even knowing it. Maybe my actions can help inspire someone to do the same thing or something even bigger! This is like doing something nice for someone and then them being nice to someone else, like passing it forward. It’s the same concept here, when someone sees me on the side of the road volunteering my time just for the sole purpose of bettering our community and environment I want them to feel something inside them that compels them to do something else that’s good not just for them but also for others.

            All in all this service project taught me many things about life and life in America. Every time I was about to start picking up the trash I would think to myself, “What is the point of doing this if it is just going to get dirty again?” And then I would answer that question with a bunch of different answers like “It’s the right thing to do.” “Who else will do it if not me.” And not to mention “This is for a grade.” Life is about perspective and which way you perceive it. For me I try to look at every perspective I can so I can elaborate on different things. This project has opened up my perspective for the better. Thank you for a great and funny class! Your class made so much sense to me and I enjoyed American History for the first time in a long time. Thank you!