Monday, May 29, 2017

JF wanted to help the ones that need the most help

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Mark Twain I bought supplies and put a bag together for veterans who have served our country. I wanted to help the veterans because I tend to be a me person a lot and I wanted to set myself aside and go help the ones that need help the most. It felt wonderful giving back to the community especially veterans because they put their lives on the line every day for us when then serve in the military overseas in dangerous places whether it’s Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan or where ever they are that happens to be dangerous. I want to salute our veterans for being in those dangerous places especially during the War on Terrorism and when we had to invade Iraq. Our veterans showed great courage and strength overseas and could face their fears.

I appreciate our veterans very much for protecting our freedom and keeping the terrorists away like Al Qaedia and Isis. Helping the veterans will have a major impact because it will make them happy but, it will also make an enormous impact in my life and make me proud knowing I was able to help someone in need. I believe it is important to help the veterans because they do a lot for us by sacrificing their time and serving our country. It is important to thank our veterans for their service because they protect this great country that we live in and they do their best to keep terrorists out. I love our veterans and no matter where I see one whether it’s in a restaurant, at TCC, or other places I thank them for their service and I appreciate everything they do for this wondering country.

In my opinion our veterans don’t get enough recognition because we only remember our veterans on Veterans Day in November. They deserve more recognition because they have served our country and helped protect our freedom. Veterans do some much for us so it feels good to give back to them and serve them for a change. Because our veterans do so much for us we should do more for them. I feel very proud to be helping the veterans and I’m glad to lend a hand any way that I can.