Monday, May 29, 2017

Danny Donated Clothes

          Helping each other is so important, if everybody did it this world would be a much better place. People sometime forget how grateful for what they have especially student. If you have a roof over your head, some food in your fridge, some clothes in the closet an somewhere to bathe comfortable be very much grate full because there is a lot people who would be just fine with those things, or would do anything to be in the position to. Growing up for me wasn’t as easy as some but not too hard to maintain. We didn’t have much growing up. Now living on my own I tend to help time to time. Organizing my closet I realize I have cloth that I don’t just wear or just don’t fit me anymore. At first I was just gone bag them up and throw them away but I decided to clean them up and packed them neatly to take them to the homeless shelter on Pensacola for some people who might need them. People throw clothes away all the time and I want people know donating is as easy as throwing away but will have a much better cause and better feeling at the end. Eventually people would see this and donate more and realize helping each other is important like I think it is.