Sunday, May 21, 2017

AMH 2010 Exam #1 - List of Terms

Your exam will come from these terms: 
Bubonic Plague
Divine Right
Isabel and Ferdinand
Treaty of Tordesillas
Limpieza de Sangre
Henry 8th
Act of Supremacy
Spanish Armada
Protestant Wind
”dig mine and search…..
“Swelling, fluxes and burning fevers”
The Starving time
Brown Gold
Headright System
Plymouth Colony
Mayflower Compact
Squanto, Samoset
City on a Hill
Holy Experiment
Triangular Trade
Benign Neglect
Acadiana, Cajuns
Proclamation of 1763
Social Contract Theory
Declaratory Act 1766
Boston Tea Party 1773
Coercive /Intolerable Acts 1774
Olive Branch Petition 1775

Declaration of Independence