Monday, May 29, 2017

AJ found a way to support Veterans, despite his very busy Spring

What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me. -Helen Keller
            For my service project, I decided to donate a few items to the veteran village including bath towel, razors, shower shoes, and shaving cream and a reusable bag. Due to my schedule in the spring I was not able to donate my time to really help someone, but hopefully with the items I could make an impact. 
The items that I give are essential and hope are impactful to the veterans, the items are daily items that are a necessity in my everyday life so hopefully mean a lot to them. I gave these items because it was something that I can do to help someone in need, if I could have had time to spend with them I would have liked to get a feel of other items they may have wanted to where they weren’t necessarily getting necessities, but get something unique and interesting. 

The educational impact that the project had on me was that it taught me more of a lesson of what veterans go through. Veterans that risked their lives then and come back now and need our support and help. It doesn’t take much to lend a helping hand out and this project gave an alternative way to reaching out to veterans and sending help. This project also showed me how fortunate I am to live in this great country where you have a choice opposed to being forced to go to war, which is another reason why I am glad I got any opportunity to help those who served. 

The items that I donated gave me a better appreciation for what was given and opened my eyes to what things I took for granted and gave me a better perspective to the things that I have in life. Simple items were donated but are necessities to daily life, and the fact I could give them that help makes me grateful for the opportunity. Only thing I wish I could have done was more at the village with helping out with the food, but my schedule was too hectic so hopefully I could help out with the items that I donated.