Monday, May 29, 2017

A* wants to be able to make people feel okay in this shitty world

The quote “We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.” By Ellen Degeneres is such a very good quote. When I did my service project I connected with this quote so much. For my service project in the community, I volunteered a couple of times at Veteran’s Village in Tallahassee. This experience was so amazing and very eye opening for me. It made me feel so good to help these people that have gave everything to serve our country and protect us.

The first time I volunteered at VF, we did a baked ziti dinner. When serving these men an women, you could see how happy that they were that we took the time to do this for them. You could literally see the joy and thankfulness on their face and it really warmed my heart to see that and to know I was a part of bringing that little piece of happiness to so many men and women. The reason that I chose this particular endeavor for my service project was because I feel like we owe so much to these men and women. The people of service give up everything to make sure that we are safe and protected and to keep our freedom. So for me to give up a little bit of my time to feed and serve them dinner was the least I could do. I remember that the very night I did this, I went home and told my mom that this was something that I would love to keep doing.

 And I did it a second time. I love being able to give back to people in any kind of way and love doing for people. This experience was a very humbling one. It brought tears to my eyes to tell you the truth. Honestly I have never felt a more gratifying experience. And I love that Dr. Soldani has been doing this twice a month for so many years. It is something that I want her to keep doing and something that I want to keep contributing to. Being around those vets also make you more appreciative of the things that you have in life.

 People are always constantly wanting more things in life, myself included. But after this experience, I made me stop and be more thankful and appreciative of the things I already have. Things as simple as my own bed that I sleep in every night and the roof I have over my head and the family that I have. Some of the veterans do not have that. Just like Ellen said, we need more kindness, compassion, joy and laughter. And I do want to contribute to that. I want to be able to make some people feel okay in this shitty world.

 I want to bring them a moment of happiness throughout their days and bad times. I want to give these people something to smile about. That is why I have decided I want to keep volunteering there even when I am no longer in the class itself. I do not think that I could have picked a better service project to do to be completly honest. This was the best thing that I have done recently and it made me feel so much better as a person to do it.