Thursday, April 20, 2017

Veterans Village Spring Donation Drive

We hope that each of the 60 Veterans can receive a sturdy reusable shopping bag (usually about $1 and can be found near the checkout at most grocery and big box stores) containing the following:

·      1 Large bath towel
·      Bedroom slippers  (L or XL)
·      1 full size household general purpose cleaning product
·      1 bonus item: examples ---
·       $5 or $10 giftcard to fast food or grocery
·      pack of razors and bottle of shaving cream
·      1 brand new pillow & pillowcase

If you are participating in this service project, you have the choice of:
1)     Creating a bag that is ready to be handed out that follows the list posted above
2)     Donating multiple items to be used to assemble bags (ex: 6 Large towels 6 sets of slippers, five $5 gift cards to McDonalds) *we do not need any additional empty reusable shopping bags.

Donations are due Thursday 4/27 by 4pm. Please bring your donations to my office HSS204; if I am not there ( I have a lot of meetings and advising and observations during the last week of school that will definitely keep me from holding all my normal office hours) please bring your donation to the division office and ask them to lock it in my office for you.

Volunteers have already signed up to assemble the bags from 4-6, transport them to Veterans Village and hand them out at 7pm while dinner is being served.

One last thing, current students please take a picture of your donation to use in your service project report that will be due on Canvas by 5/5.

Please print and attach the following sheet (sent as a pdf on Canvas to current students) to your donation:



Spring 2017 Veterans Village Donation Checklist
Please fill this out & submit it with your donation so that we can account for and effectively distribute every single donation*

Option #1: Donation of multiple items:

            ______            6 Large Bath Towels
            ______            6 Full Size Cleaning Products
            ______            6 Sets of bedroom slippers 
            ______            5 Giftcards to fast food or grocery @ $5 or $10 each
            ______            6 new pillows and 6 new pillowcases
            ______            6 sets of razors and 6 bottles of shaving cream

Option #2: Donation of 1 complete bag, ready to hand out:
______1 Large bath towel (required)
______ Bedroom slippers (L and XL)
______1 full size household general purpose cleaning product
______1 bonus item ---
______ $5 or $10 giftcard to fast food or grocery
______pack of razors and bottle of shaving cream
______1 brand new pillow & pillowcase