Monday, April 10, 2017

Pretest Question #8: The Soviet Union is a union of countries. And we are going to war with them.

Question #8: What is the difference between the Soviet Union and Russia?

I was genuinely surprised by how many students didn’t know the answer to this question, and am pleased with their alt-history alt-geography creativity under pressure. 

 Incorrect responses in no particular order:

  • The Soviet Union is Germany.
  • The Soviet Union has the authority to go to war with Russia.
  • One is friendly, the other are a**holes.
  • The Soviet Union used force, Russia uses less force.
  • The Soviets wear funny hats and they’re evil. Russia is the country the Soviets live in.
  • One likes pie and the other has horrible mermaids.
  • The Soviet Union is our ally, Russia is not.
  • With democracy the Soviet Union became Russia.
  • The difference is some took control while the rest went to war.
  • ? different places?
  • Russia has Stalin and the Soviet Union is well some place near Russia I guess.
  • The Soviet Union is like Russia’s step-sibling that they don’t talk about any more.
  • The Soviet Union has all the communists in their army. Russia is a country.
  • The Soviet Union was all the communist bastards, and Russia is kind of cool people – not communist.
  • Russia is the real name.
  • The Soviet Union is part of Russia.
  • Russia is the place, Soviet Union is the government.
  • Soviet Union is the old Russia.
  • The Soviet Union was a communist army, Russia is a free country.
  • Russia wanted to change their name to look more Unified.
  • One was before the war.
  • Somewhere in Europe.
  • The Soviet Union is democratic and Russia is communist.
  • They don’t agree with prostitutes.
  • Soviet Union wanted to take control of everything, Russia is peaceful.
  • The Soviets are a group and Russia is their land.
  • The Soviet Union is the communists and Russia is the whole country.
  • The Soviet Union is diplomatic and Russia is not.
  • The Soviet Union is a union of countries. And we are going to war with them.
  • The difference is that war is crazy in Russia, but the Soviet Union is not involved in them.
  • The Soviet Union was a group of trained mercenaries that fought for Moscow.
  • Soviet Union is communist.
  • Soviet Union was around Hitler.
  • The Soviet Union has more people but Russia has better battle techniques.
  • Soviet Union is communist Russia. Russia is just Russia.
  •  The Soviet Union wanted to take over the world, Russia just wants to drink Vodka.
PS Don't worry, after the pretest I went over the correct answer to this quite carefully. ;-)