Monday, April 10, 2017

Pretest Question #16: China’s leader, Morgan Freeman

A little more than half of my students correctly identified Nelson Mandela, and most of the rest who couldn't remember his name seemed to genuinely believe that they KNEW him and were genuinely TORTURED trying to pull his name out of their brains. 

Here are the Pretest guesses that didn't hit the bullseye:

Morgan Freeman’s lesser known double, Appleseed McMuffin
China’s leader, Morgan Freeman
Muslim leader
Ghandi (x2
Africa’s head leader
A prince in Africa
Africa  (<- font="">one word answer) (x3)
Black Jesus of America
He played in some movie. I KNOW HIM
Denzel Washington Zembabawa
Denzel Washington (^were these 2 collaborato-cheating?)
Maya Angelou’s relative
Morgan Freeman
African President
Bill Cosby (obviously it isn’t, my brain isn’t function right today)
Bill Cosby
I know this. I know him. I can’t remember this guy’s name!
Muhammad Ali?
Morgan Freeman’s brother who lives in Haiti
Tom Rivers
President of An African Country. Is in Jail.
Morgan Freeman looks great in this picture.
Africa. He went to jail for  along time. He was a king.
Morgan Freeman played him
Samuel L. Jackson
Theman Kenya
Famous Amos
James H.

Nelson Mandela from Kenya