Tuesday, April 4, 2017

AMH 2020 Exam #4 Study Guide for Textbook Portion of the Exam


*To be taken in class on Friday 4/7 if you are not choosing the Inquizitive option for Chapters 26, 27, 28 

4 of these questions will be on your exam, you will answer 3 @ 25 points each.

  1. How did German and Japanese actions lead to the outbreak of war in Europe and Asia?
  2. How were the Japanese defeated in the war in the Pacific?
  3. How did Truman expand the New Deal? How effective was his own "Fair Deal" agenda?
  4. How did the Red Scare emerge after the Second World War? How did it impact American politics and society?
  5. What factors contributed to postwar prosperity? To what extent did all Americans benefit from it?
  6. What were the criticisms of postwar American society and culture? What were the various forms of dissent and anxiety?
  7. What were the goals and strategies of the civil rights movement that emerged in the 1950s? What was its impact?
  8. What were President Eisenhower's priorities in conducting the nation's foreign policy? What was his influence on global affairs?