Tuesday, April 4, 2017

AMH 2010 Study Guide for Exam #4 - Textbook Portion, Chapters 11, 12, 13

AMH 2010 Exam#4  - Textbook Part

Chapters 11, 12, 13  --  April 7 in class for those you NOT doing this work on Inquizitive*

Format: 5 of these will be on your exam, you will answer 4 @ 20 points each.

1.    In what ways was southern society diverse? Explain how certain unifying factors tied the region together into what is known as “the South.”

2.    What roles did religion, folklore, and family life play in the lives of slaves?

3.    Discuss the concept of honor in the Old South and what role, if any, violence played in everyday society.

4.    What made the Old Southwest different from other parts of the South? Why are those differences important to understanding the antebellum period?

5.    In which territory—Texas, California, or Oregon—was America’s claim best? In which was it worst? Explain the reasoning behind your conclusions.

6.    Why were many Americans opposed to the Mexican-American War? How significant was their opposition?

7.    Explain the transcendentalist movement. Describe the ideas and contributions of Emerson and Thoreau.  

8.    Trace the reforms in prisons and asylums in America. Include the major changes in the treatment of prisoners, the disabled, and dependent children in antebellum America.

9.    Describe the southern defense of slavery before and after 1830.