Sunday, April 2, 2017

AMH 2010 Exam #4 Study Guide Part 2

Exam #4 is April 5 in class.

Format: 5 of these will be on the exam @ 25 point each.
Explain each term in the set, connect them and place them in historical context.

1.     Triangular Trade, Middle Passage, tight pack/loose pack, end of International Slave Trade
2.     Fictive Kin, Jumping the Broomstick, time system/task system,  Slave Quarters (variety)
3.     Explain/describe at least six ways that slaves “resisted” on a daily/normal basis
4.     World Anti-Slavery Convention, Seneca Falls Convention & “Ain’t I a Woman?”
5.     Compromise of 1850, Story of Shadrach Minkins & the people who helped him
6.     Kansas-Nebraska Act, Lincoln’s Position on Slavery 1854, Bleeding Kansas
7.     Dred Scott Story, Case and Ruling
8.     Potato blight, Yellow Peril, Know-Nothings, 1856 election
9.     Lincoln’s paramount object, Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, 13th Amendment