Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Crazy Hope for the Future

Today I taught the Cold War lecture with the Long Telegram,  Truman Doctrine, Containment and NATO.

 I tried to do this thing I've done in the past where I show how aggressive containment can be.
   (Read this from 2010 )

When I asked the students to point their guns at someone I have barricaded and cornered in her chair, not a single student flinches to give me a bit of help.

I am not kidding.

No one helps me.

 They don't even reach for their phones to point a camera to help me pretend to "contain" communism.

They are uber polite, reflexively respectful and genuinely horrified that I would even ask them to do something so crazy.

 They clearly had no time for games; they wanted to hear more history and go faster on the journey to connect the dots from 1945 to  events today, and their urgency gives me crazy hope for the future.