Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"Stuck in the poor cycle"

I give 2 minute attendance questions at the beginning of class that measures who is in class ON TIME and hopefully gets their brains warmed up. 

On February 6, I asked my AMH 2020 class "Why are some people poor in America? Just write the first thing that comes to your mind"

Here are the responses, in no particular order --  

There are poor people because most are just too lazy to even get a job.

Poor people are usually ethnic so they face bad odds.

People are poor because the odds are against them – if you have no power or connections in life, you lose. The rich want to keep their money so they don’t help.

Racial inequality

Spending all the money at all the wrong places



Lack of education

Gambling, drugs, government

They come from another country with nothing.

Some people have an expensive heart.

There are poor people in America because they were born into poverty because they were less fortunate/driven and their ancestors had nothing to pass to them.

Born into slavery, landless, in debt, war-damaged areas


The slaves didn’t get paid for their work, and some families from slavery have never escaped that poverty.

People in America are poor because they are lazy and trying to do thing the easy way and don’t put the hard work  into what it takes to get ahead.

The lower class has to exist.

People are born into poverty and don’t have the willpower or mindset to change it.

People are poor because they don’t work or were cheated out of their money.

People are poor because they aren’t educated or were born poor.

Working for others, not getting ahead

Lack of resources for getting richer.


People are poor because they are lazy and take advantage of people

Things are too expensive

Couldn’t afford to get an education

Stuck in the poor cycle

Government issues

The color of their skin

They didn’t have proper schooling.

Historically the class system has created objective levels of hierarchy based on wealth.

Bad business investments, bad money habits.

Periods of bad economy affects people.

People are lazy and want to get by with little-to-no effort. They would rather have the government pay their bills instead of using their brains to get better jobs.

Their ancestors were poor and they can’t catch up.

Most people who are poor are born poor. The minimum wage is so you cannot even afford a one bedroom apartment, working full time.

Lack of work ethic, unlucky, unable to manage money, bad ancestry.

People are poor because of possible agricultural history

Living in the South?

Take low paying jobs.

Lack of knowledge

School just didn’t help them?

Changes in the economy make people poor

People get to a point in their lives where they can’t work enough

Race: being anything but white

Don’t have an education, can’t hold a job

People become poor based on wrongdoings

The powers that be



Some people have never worked hard or had a chance

No jobs, no housing, no food

No opportunity


Wasting money on things that aren’t important

There is poverty because kids born into it just can’t escape it.

The government is set up so the poor stay poor. The government makes it hard to get ahead.

Mother or father put things in your name and mess your credit up.

Drinking and smoking all day every day.

People are poor because they are born in a shitty situation so it’s hard to be rich. Some people are just shitty though.

Spend all money on food, nothing left.

People lose their money, have no more.

Drink, wasting/throwing away all their money on stupid things.

People tend to stay as poor as what they come from.

There’s poor people because of drugs, or you’re just dumb and didn’t get an education.

Poor people spend too much money or have bad money management skills.

PS – Attendance Question for Feb 8: What is the difference between Birth Control and Contraception? stay tuned ;-)