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AMH 2020: 11:15 MWF

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Due 3/10 at 11:00 am --
  •  How to use Inquizitive earn 600 points   = 5 points on the exam
  • Chapter 22  earn 2000 points  = 20 points on the exam
  • Chapter 23 earn  2000 points = 25 points on the exam
  • Chapter 24 earn 2000 points = 25 points on the exam
  • Chapter 25 earn 2000 points = 25 points on the exam

 AMH 2010: 12:20 MWF

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Due 3/10 at 11:59 am --
  • How to use Inquizitive earn 600 points   = 5 points on the exam
  • Chapter 7 earn 2000 points  = 20 points on the exam
  • Chapter 8 earn  2000 points = 25 points on the exam
  • Chapter 9 earn 2000 points = 25 points on the exam
  • Chapter 10 earn 2000 points = 25 points on the exam


Rule #1 You must earn all of the points assigned or receive no points on your exam for that chapter.

Rule #2: No late work. If you haven’t completed all the chapter work on Inquizitive by the time your exam starts on  3/10, you should come to class and take the exam.

When we were mad at Mexico

Bloopers from Exam #2

Those damn islands: When we were mad at Mexico

Cult of True Womanhood: Women started to use birth control against their husbands

Articles of Confederation: The first 10 Amendments to the Constitution

Social Darwinism: These were the people that lived in mansions and had big parties

16th Amendment: When women got the right to be like men.

Platt Amendment: This was to get rid of the drunks (Maine)

Republican Motherhood: Women were not allowed to make pudding or shirts

Those damn islands: These were the islands we took to make the Panama Canal

Republican Motherhood: After defeating the British, the US started a government

16th Amendment: Let them eat cake.

Brownsville Riot: I really like your shoes today! I will riot until I get shoes like that!

Margaret Sanger: Instead of going to college, Margaret Sanger bought a house by the homeless people, the Birth Control House.

Treaty of Paris: Ends the Spanish American War with Great Britain acknowledging US independence.

Social Darwinism: People would go to social events and be happy

Those damn islands: This was about Hawaii.

Brownsville Riot: I mean, this explains itself. (<---entire answer="" p="">

Like a balloon untethered

The beginning of the semester is harder than usual this semester, and I feel like it's taking longer to get traction in my classes, but I keep going. Classes are *starting* to come together.

 We now have things to talk about before lecture -- current events, Grey's Anatomy, whether Jenna will be late to class today (she won't, but she will cut it close), things like that.

Last week a student announced that she was going to see 50 Shade Darker. Across the room another student shouted out asking if I was going to see the movie too. Nope, no way I said.  I can't identify with a sexy poor girl who gets in a crazy thing with a rich guy. That's not love, that's not romance, that's power plays. I get a few amens.

I continue, connecting the movie to our recent lectures on birth control, marriage, family, and how they live in a new world of choices and opportunities.  I do NOT give any of them permission to get married until they can support themselves, and I don't give them permission to marry anyone who can't support themselves because then it isn't a marriage, it's an adoption.  Heads nod in agreement.

I check my watch again, it's time to start lecture, so I do.

Later that day I saw a story about how the Dalai Lama meditates 5 hours a day.

I took it as a challenge and started spending afternoons and evenings curled up, falling into a hole of meditation, my mind flying free into my boundless imagination like a balloon untethered.

I meditate with Mad Men in the background.
I meditate while running.

I come back from meditation with concrete questions, with missions, with stories that I don't write until I figure out how they end.  At one point I stop and go on a google quest that takes me here and there and all over the internet and now I can tell you 100% for sure that guide/service dogs are not allowed on any roller coaster at any Disney theme park.

I didn't set out to learn that, but part of meditation is just accepting, so here I am, reliably boundlessly untethered.

AMH 2010 Exam #2 Study Guide (part 1)

5 terms from lecture @ 10 points each, and 5 terms from the text @ 10 points each except for the question on Hamilton, which is worth 20 points and will be on your exam. *Identify/explain/place in context


·      Headright System
·      Half-way Covenant
·      Benign Neglect
·      Proclamation of 1763
·      Deism
·      Writs of Assistance
·      Boston Massacre 1771
·      Stamp Act 1765
·      Declaratory Act 1766
·      Townshend Acts 1767
·      Boston Tea Party 1773
·      Coercive Acts 1774
·      Olive Branch Petition 1775
·      Declaration of Independence 1776
·      Great Compromise
·      3/5 Compromise
·      2nd paragraph of Declaration*
·      Washington’s Farewell Address
·      Republican Motherhood
·      Articles of Confederation
·      Barbary Pirates/ Barbary War
·      Tennis Court Oath

(more terms will be added from 2/13 and 2/15 lectures)

Chapter 4:
·      Albany Plan
·      Pontiac’s Rebellion
·      Gaspee Incident
·      Battle of Bunker Hill
·      Common Sense
·      Contradictions of Freedom (p189-90)

Chapter 5:
·      Winter in Morristown
·      The Virginia Campaign
·      Battle of Yorktown (pp227-8)

Chapter 6:
·      Northwest Ordinance 1878
·      Shay’s Rebellion
·      Hamilton’s Vision for America (p273-281) *20 points
·      Whiskey Rebellion
·      Wilderness Road (p 291-2)
·      Revolution of 1800 (p 297-9)