Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mrs. Frizzle's Messed Up Sister-in-Law

At the beginning of the semester I administer a horrific pretest to my history students.  The questions are given out loud, one at a time right after each other, pushing students to see if they become playful or frustrated.  The questions aren't all too hard: "Name 5 Non-Christian Religions" "Name a battle that occurred in the US" "Explain the 3/5 Compromise" "Name 3 Presidents who served between 1800-1860" "Name 5 Countries in Africa" and "Who is in this picture?" (Pictured: Tupac, Nancy Reagan and Andrew Jackson).

 The last question I ask on the Pretest is always  first question I read: "What's my name?" 

About half of the students got it right. Some of them were former students, so OK, I expect as much. I suspect a few of them had their schedule printed on their notebook but OK.

The rest of my lovely new students took their best shots at my name, forced to write SOMETHING because the only way to earn full credit on the pretest is to  answer every question.

Here are all the other responses, listed in the order they appeared.
I will answer to any of the ones with asterisks.

  • Mariana Rodriquez-Batriaga*
  • Louis from "Family Guy"
  • Prof Candy Lady*
  • Michael Jordan
  • Scarlett Butterfly* 
  • Rate My Professor
  • That Funny Teacher
  • Doc
  • Ms Cool as Shit
  • (Innovative) * 
  • Saldoliney
  • Nice Lemon Lady
  • Optimus Prime*
  • Sailor*
  • Lindsey Soviscuiski
  • Steve
  • Dr. Starscream*
  • Dr. Horseshoe
  • Holloman*
  • Shelby
  • Crazy Lady*
  • Mrs B (Magic School Bus)
  • Honeyboo
  • Sara Lemon
  • Dr. Franklin
  • Passorelli
  • Ms. 2it
  • Dr. Janet
  • Dr. Energy
  • Mrs. Frizzle's Messed Up Sister in Law*
  • Generic Excitable Professor
  • Kelly Solidini
  • Cuba Lemon
  • Mackenzie's Spirit Animal*
  • Free Candy
  • Goat
  • Professor Fancy Feast*
  • Dr. Badass*
  • MomTeacher Lady
  • Professor Dumbledore*
  • Lu Vickers