Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sophia's Report

Service Project Reflection
Throughout my life, I have always taken the extra mile to help those that are less fortunate. From all the service hours that I have done and service projects I have successfully completed, specifically in my four years of high school, I have learned one thing. This one thing can be said in one sentence, just as Maya Angelou stated, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. I genuinely agree with this statement, especially in the position that the less fortunate are in; they appreciate all that the wealthier do for them.
From all the opportunities I was able to choose from for this semester, I chose to purchase Christmas gifts for the veterans of the village. I chose to do this because I believe the Christmas season is a time where the more fortunate can give to those around them to make the season a more cheerful time for those that cannot do it themselves. In the past, I have done service projects like this. Thinking of the experiences brings a smile to my face. I recall the people’s comments on how thankful they were that people like us go out of our way to give them a hand when no one else did. I think the act of giving, particularly during the Christmas season, is one of the best ways to put a smile on others’ faces around you. On my end of the stick, where I make the purchases for the veterans, I can just imagine the comments and smiles they will have on their faces. In the past when I have gone to a community to help distribute whatever it is that we were collecting – food, clothing, or toys – I remember the size of the smile on my face when I heard the beautiful comments coming out of the mouths of the people being served.
Personally, I believe that this has helped my educational wisdom path. I believe this because it has allowed to reflect on how blessed I am with everything that I have – my education being one of them. Several people do not take the time to reflect on how they are blessed with an education. When I accomplish things like this, whether it be a service project that lasts for a few weeks or whether it lasts for a few hours, I feel like a better person. Although it is something extremely small in such a big aspect, my life, I know that it makes me a better person. People do not usually take the time to think about how blessed they are with what they have in front of them other than the time around Thanksgiving. With projects like these throughout the year, t allows people, like me, to come to realize how much I have while others have so little or nothing in their possession. Like I said before, it makes me realize how blessed I am with all that I have regardless if I actually need them or if they are a luxury.
With all the service projects and events I have done in the past, I have seen the impact that it leaves on the community I served. I have come to realize that no act is too small for others to appreciate them. Whether it be something you purchase something, purchase something and then give it out to people, or have someone else give the purchased item to a person, any of these three acts of kindness will be appreciated. Knowing that I have purchased several items to give to the veterans of the village, I know they will appreciate the purchase even though I will not be there to see how happy they become. The items I purchased will be used for a long period of time, not just for a short while. With this in mind, it makes me happier to think that just a small act of kindness on my end of the stick will make the days of someone else very happy in the long run. In regards to the statement said by Maya Angelou, these veterans will never forget how we made the veterans feel.
With respect to the service I have completed for this semester, I have been able to ponder and reflect on the good that I have done in my community. This may have just been an act that I could do every day, but when I come to think about it, it makes an immense impact.