Sunday, December 11, 2016

Service Project Report: Tamara fed the Hungry

Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.
Martin Luther King Jr

Having to do volunteer work threw me off at first. I was confused on how doing something outside of school that had little to with what i was learning had any importance. But then i thought about how this was never something that was supposed to benefit me but rather something to help someone else in a time of need. I was really happy to be able to give a veteran food for a week and it made me think about what kind of life they live. I think we can learn a lot about being more selfless when we have people who have served our country living on the streets. I wish things could be different for them and it saddens me that there is little they can do to change their lives. 

I picked the quote from Dr Martin Luther king because i think it reads into how even though doing community service wasn't a typical homework assignment, It went deeper and taught us something that most students don't learn. Character is everything that defines the type of person you are. it has everything to do with you and your sense of being. Community service work and helping out is a great way to improve your character because you get to see how good you actually have it. You start to see someone else life and think about what they must go through on a daily basis. 

This assignment will help me in the future because it helped me realize why i have such big goals in life and that i need to stay on track with my educational path. for my service project i went to publix and carefully picked out a meal a day for a week for a homeless veteran. I thought carefully about what all i would think they would want to eat and made sure to get non perishable good healthy food. Then i put them in separate bags and turned them into your office. I did this not only because it was an assignment but also because i knew it would help someone that was in great need. It made me to happy to see all the many bags of food being brought to the shelter that day.