Sunday, December 11, 2016

Jenna's Report

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” Said by Audrey Hepburn. I love this quote because it expresses our duty is to help others, if we can which is very important because not everyone is as fortunate and blessed to be healthy and successful. 

For my service project I contributed by donating a bag of food for five days to the veterans. I was so happy to complete this service because I have not done a service for someone in need for a long time. I should do way more because I am capable of doing more, so this project opened my eyes and I realized I need to get more involved with helping others, because I am very fortunate and healthy and I am able to provide my services to those that are in need. 

While gathering food for the veterans at Publix, I was so happy to pick out meals that they might enjoy because its not every day they get something tasty. I also felt joy in knowing that they had something nice to eat because they deserve it. I think this impacted a person in a positive way because they could see that someone cared enough to think of them and put together a special bag of food just for them. I also think it made a big difference just in their day because they don’t always get to have their own individual bag full of food. So I imagine it was nice for them to have something that was there’s to hold on to and just enjoy for pleasure. I think that it was wise to all contribute to the veterans because its true that we all impacted them so much more by contributing to them in such a large group. 

This experience defiantly impacted me in a big way because when I saw all the bags of food that people provided in professor Soldani Lemon’s office I could tell that it was worth it to all go in the same direction and help out the veterans. It also amazed me how many bags there were in her office. I understood that they were from other classes and not just ours, but it was just amazing to see how much food we had all put together for the veterans in need of some good quality food. I hope that that veterans were able to enjoy their meals, and feel good for a day. I’m also excited that I am taking Professor Soldani Lemons class next semester again and I hope that we will get to do another service project like this one. 

Only next semester I would like to attend a dinner so I can experience the joy on their faces in person because I feel that is the best reward in helping others. This opportunity opened up my mind to other possibilities like volunteering more with people who are in need of help. At first I completed this project for myself, to feel better about not doing more services for others, but as I continued in Professor Soldani Lemon’s class and saw all the pictures that were taken of the students helping out at dinners, I was overcome with sadness because I was being selfish. After all, I can do so much more as a young adult to help people that need it, or even do more in my community. 

I would love to help out more especially if it means making a difference in somebody’s life. I also was overcome with happiness when I left her office knowing that I made a difference In somebody’s life, and I hope to be able to experience that again when giving back in the future because it felt amazing to contribute what I can offer.