Sunday, December 11, 2016

Emmanuel's Report

Service project final report
            As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others. - Audrey Hepburn
            This quote has a lot of meaning because it reminds us of the work and sacrifice our veterans did for us. They risked their lives just so we could be in a safe and better country. They didn’t care for who it was; they just cared for the safety of their fellow Americans. What I don’t understand is how some of our veterans are homeless and not living the good life they are supposed to have. Especially on Christmas, because that’s when the whole family should be united. When I seen that there was a project where I had to give the veterans a Christmas box full of things, at that moment I knew I had to do that one, because giving thanks on November, 11 is not enough. Giving something back to the veterans makes me feel good, because that’s a way to honor and thank them for all the sacrifice they have done for us. Hopefully that will make them feel special and loved, even though they don’t know me, knowing that someone still care for them will probably put a smile on their face. This experience pushes me even further to accomplish my dreams and makes me realize that in order to be successful I need to strive for the best, to never give up, and to always believe that I can do everything with determination and hard work. And if I failed, the best thing to do is to try again, because I will learn from my mistakes. Serving the military is probably the best way to give back to the community or to contribute in the nation. Even though, I’m not planning on joining the military, I want to contribute in society by working with people to direct them to the correct path to success and happiness. I want to reduce the number of homeless people; it will make a huge impact in the community. This has help me see if I’m taking the right path to my career because I want to help the community and doing this had made me realize that, I do care, and that I like to help people, especially our veterans.
            As I was buying stuff for the veterans, one of my friends asked me if wasting money was worth a grade. I told him that it was not about the grade but for the experience. The experience of knowing that you are letting people know that we still care about them. This experience has also taught me, to not take things for granted, to thank God for every little thing I received, even if is bad, because sooner or later I will learn from the bad things. As a community, we need to encourage young people to make every opportunity count. We need to keep them away from negative things such as drugs and alcohol. In order to be successful they need to socialize with positive surroundings. Hopefully my actions help other people do the same things that I’m doing.  Like the quote on the beginning of the essay, when I was younger I didn’t understand the role of helping but as I mature I realized that is very important because that’s the only way to keep moving forward. Helping others and not only yourself will make your community a better place, and people will look up to you. Eventually, you will become young people role model. Furthermore, everything I did was not just to received a grade, but to win the heart of the veterans. I did everything with the bottom of my heart, because I know that the gifts I gave them will fill them with joy; and nothing makes me more happy than seeing other people happy.