Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dylan's Report


“What I am looking for is not out there, it is in me”- Helen Keller

            For my service project, I collected six days worth of canned goods, food and toilet paper to donate to the U.S. military veterans that live in Tallahassee, Florida area. Before this assignment, I was never sure how much of an impact I could have on someone’s life. However, I soon realized the difference I was making after I gave my bags away. I realized that by the little purchases I made and donated that I am making a big change in others lives. There are plenty of people in this world that lack their basic needs and unfortunately have to worry about where to find their next meal. I am very grateful for the service men and women of our country, being able to affect the lives of military veterans gave me an opportunity to give back to people that spent their lives protecting this country.
Although we were assigned a service project, I had been looking to get involved with the community since I was a junior in high school. This project gave me direction and guided me to finally take the necessary action to get involved in some sort of community service. Since this is my first year living out of my parent’s house, I have absolute freedom to choose what I do with my time. I could have easily spent my time playing video games or watching T.V. But spending my time on this project, gathering supplies for those in need made me feel fulfilled. Not only does community service give you a rewarding feeling it also looks honorable on a resume. This project allowed me to gain a new perspective of my own life after helping out the community. I have realized the opportunities that I have been given in life and that I should be very grateful for them.  While I will continue to capitalize on all the opportunities I have been given in life, the most important opportunity to me is education.  While I strive to complete my college career, I have realized the life that I want to live. As I grow up I will continue to give back to the community even more, and the best way to do so would be to stay on my educational path.  Pursuing my education will set me on the right path to establish myself a productive member of society. Once I am established I will have great potential to help others acquire the same opportunities that I have.

I think I have positively impacted the lives of the veterans by not only supplying them with food and toiletries but by showing them that they are truly appreciated for what they devoted their lives to, protecting our country. I think that although the United States has the strongest military in the world, the way we as a nation treat our veterans can be much better. The rate of homelessness among veterans is alarmingly great. I am glad that schools assign projects like this in order to help reach causes that need attention. A quote that I find relevant to my feelings about my impact is “No single raindrop thinks it is responsible for the flood.” My impact is that of a raindrop into a flood. Many people may feel discourage when making small contributions to such a large cause. Although my contribution may have been small, it made a difference.  I may not be able to change the world as of now, but I am very capable of changing the world for a few people.