Sunday, December 11, 2016

Daneisha's Report

Throughout my life it was instilled in me that you give to others even when you have nothing. Growing up my mother and father were leaders in the community. They shared the passion of helping the less fortunate any way possible. Even if that meant giving all the change at the bottom of her purse to someone who has nothing. I remember driving home one day from the mall and as I was tuning on the main road I came across a woman that was standing on the side of the road with her two children. One was in a stroller and the other was on her hip. She was holding a sign that said, “ I’m a mother in need please help me” At that moment it brought back memories of the time my sister and her child had no food in their home when she lived down the street from me. It reminded me of the time when my best friend had no money to feed her child, but as a friend and a sister I was morally obligated to help in anyway that I could. Around this time I too was struggling financially but I couldn’t allow that to stop me. As I turned my car around I began to search for money and anything else that I could give her. That day, I was able to bless her with $20 and a few water bottles that I had. Moments like these are what strengthen a person character. Having the opportunity to give unselfishly has taught me to suppress my own desire to be humble. Giving to others while your going through a hard time in your life will cause you to reflect on all that you have and it will make grateful. Sharing the opportunity with the veterans was truly a wake up call for me. Through this experience I’ve learned that we as Americans are robbing our war hero’s of the respect that they deserve, and the effects of giving unselfishly, and the power of joy.
America is the home of the brave and the land of the free for all people. In class we were taught that men who went to war was promise a better life and home for their families when they return. If that is true, then how is it possible that our war hero’s are homeless, jobless and not glorified. These men and women day in and day out fight for our freedom and protect us from harm. These people should not be living in poverty, nor should they have to stand on the side of the road and beg for our spare change. These honorable veterans should be the light of our country because of the bravery and their sacrifice .It is truly a blessing to have an organization like the veteran village. Veteran village is a place that will take in homeless veteran and help them find employment, and give them the support that they need. This organization has impacted so many people in the community by providing services like reintegration program, substance abuse after-care programs, and a interdenominational Christian church.
When I was a little girl my mother and her mother would teach my sister and I how to make pies and cakes from scratch around the holidays. Of course, you need the basic materials like eggs butter and milk. But what made the difference was the amount of love that was add. Love and happiness is what made the difference in everything including taste. Having the opportunity to put a smile on the veteran’s face reminded me of those precious moment that I shared with my family. Creating my pie was more than just a grade it was an opportunity to show how appreciative I am for protecting this county and their willingness to leave their families. One of the veterans thanked me because it reminded him of his mother and that alone was the greatest moment. Another veteran loved my pie so much that he gave me a token of appreciation of his homemade apple filling for the next pie that I will make.

Maya Angelou once said, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This quote alone holds so much power not only in the way in which we see our self but in the way, we live our lives and how we treat on another daily. To live your life as if your dying is a cliché. However, to live your life as if you are writing your eulogy, what would you want people to say about you. Will they remember if you gave them a $100 or will they remember if you gave with an unselfish heart with the right intentions.