Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christopher's Report

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” (Audrey Hepburn). The quote above will make you think a lot more about helping others out. Everybody has the time and energy to help themselves out every day but some never think of helping others. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized helping others is something that should be done when I have the time and that it makes me feel much better about myself. Sometimes helping people can be such a small task that there really isn’t an excuse on why you didn’t help them. I’m very glad a part of me opened up into helping others recently. The joy it brought to some faces was magnificent. For example, a couple years back my baseball team and I passed out food to the homeless, they all were so happy and grateful for us bringing them food. Little did those homeless people know they made me feel just as happy knowing I can make someone so happy by just volunteering to serve them food.
            For my project I prepared three bags each containing three soups/easy food to prepare, snacks, drinks, and more snacks. I prepared these bags for veterans who are struggling to pay for food for themselves. This service act made me feel very grateful for the life I have and the opportunity to help these veterans who risked their life to serve this country. I really hope who ever received it enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed giving it to them. These veterans give so much to this country that some people look over, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to help these veterans.
            I did it not only because it was a part of my grade but because it was a great opportunity to help veterans. They are the reason America is the way it is without our great military we are nothing as a country. They’ve fought day and night year after year for centuries, some veterans were treated badly in the past and I believe that the way they were treated was horrible. People who haven’t been to war can’t relate to those who have been to war. I’ve been raised to always show respect towards veterans and I will continue too.
            I believe it had big impacts on other in the community and classroom as well. I believe my classmates had a great time contributing to helping veterans with all the different options you gave us to choose from. All the options seemed packed which means all the students were engaged in this great service act. Hopefully they were as grateful as I was to have the opportunity to bring joy to such great people in these veterans. Volunteering at the Veterans Village seemed like a great experience that I wished I got the opportunity to do. I didn’t get to interact with any veterans doing my service act but I know I made one happy. Those who got to interact probably had a great experience with getting told stories and getting to speak with them.
            I couldn’t be more proud to say my classmates and I were all very grateful and humble to do such an amazing service act with such amazing veterans. These veterans have implanted a special place in all hearts one way or another and they don’t even know it. I can tell you first hand I was very happy with myself knowing somebody had food for three days because of my act. I hope to continue to helping veterans in the future more often!