Sunday, December 11, 2016

Caila's Report

Final Service Project Report

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others. - Audrey Hepburn. I choose to start my paper off with this quote because I believe in that message so much, this was my first time seeing it but it’s like I had a similar one that I went by all along the way. I really enjoy helping others that possibly need it more than I do. Sometimes it can be a bit time consuming but it’s all worth it in the long run, even if it interrupts my nap time. When you take the time to actually do something for others it gives you a great feeling on the inside. I believe that when you go and volunteer around the community there are so many things that you bring back from that activity.
When you are out doing good things for others, people that you don’t even know it gives you a chance to connect with someone different and learn from how they lived life. When I say that you get the chance to connect with someone else, I’m just stating that someone that’s a complete stranger to you is now letting you in on their life. Every time I do some kind of community service or volunteer work I try to at least find one that I can talk too even if it’s just a minute and see how they are doing. Some of these individuals have been through entirely too much and just a few kind words or the smallest action can brighten their day.
Another great thing that you can gain from doing service around your own community is a progression in maybe a lifetime career for you. Many different colleges and jobs would love to see that you have a little volunteer background. They are even providing spots on both applications for you to fill in what you have done. It helped me with 2 different scholarships that I had for school, because in high school I had over 150 hours of volunteer work, some was mandatory but some I just did because I simply wanted too.
During this class period, I actually had the opportunity to do 3 service projects but 2 with the class. I went to veteran’s village twice and I also went somewhere that I used to go but can’t so much now because of my schedule but it’s called Miracle Village. Just in case you have never heard of Miracle Village it is not too far from campus and it is a home for elderly people over the ages of 62, but the difference between this place and other nursing homes is the fact the residents here are independent so they can get around on their own better. You don’t have to assist them with much but I love going by catching up on them. I would help serve the tenants breakfast and lunch, play games with them around the building, talk to them and listen to problems, set up for certain events or decorate for holidays and much more. If I have free time I don’t mind going to spend a few hours with some of the people I already know from previous visits or new tenants that are about to move in. I also enjoyed the veteran’s village which wasn’t too far from my house so that made things better as well. But I loved the fact how we came together as a whole unit and prepared a meal for those that really appreciate some home cooked meals. It was a great feeling knowing that we had so much food that there were leftovers for those that couldn’t make it and that so many people participated in the activity. I really felt like the tenants that lived there enjoyed seeing us and speaking with us briefly while being served. In my mind, I would say that they enjoyed our company especially the very sociable ones.

Ending on that note I really did enjoy the experience I got back from attending the Thursday nights at Veterans Village. If it wasn’t for this class I don’t think I would have ever known about the place, I pass by it almost every day on my way home and didn’t even realize what it was. I definitely wouldn’t mind going back and making someone’s night with dinner and a small conversation.