Saturday, November 12, 2016

AMH 2020 Quiz #6 Study Guide

Part 1: 3 @ 20 points
1.      Explain the Korean conflict 1950-1953.  What role did the Chinese Civil War and containment doctrine play?  How did Korean Conflict become UN War?
2.      Explain the Gulf of Tonkin Incident and Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. How was it a turning point in the war?
3.      Explain and connect: Buddhist BBQ, Operation Rolling Thunder, Viet Cong and Ho Chi Mihn Trail.
4.      What role does the Cold War and containment play in US-Cuban relations 1950-1965?    How and when does Batista come to power?  How does Castro come to power? What changes did Castro bring?

Part 2: 4 @ 10 points
·       Explain the Bay of Pigs. What was the goal? What happened? Results?   
·       Explain the Cuban Missile Crisis. What was the goal? What happened? Results?  
·       Explain Operation Pedro Pan and the themes in the letters US families wrote in response.
·       Explain and connect: Tet Offensive and 1968 election.  
·       Explain the Lottery Draft. How did it affect how people responded to the war?  
·       Explain the Nixon Doctrine and how it changed the Vietnam conflict. How did the conflict end?