Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pretzelitized: Part 1: Oh No.

I wake up at 5:38am to screaming silence because my alarm didn't go off.

Oh NO.

Thank GOD I woke up but now I only have seven minutes to shower, get myself a cup of coffee, become a nice person and wake Zoe up.

Ready set run.

Seconds later I'm in the bathroom moving faster than my thoughts but still wondering what went wrong in my system.

I never forget to set an alarm, a backup alarm, and a backup backup just in case.

 I don't have have the luxury of accidentally sleeping in.

I am quite sure all hell would break loose if I slept in.

Completely sure, actually, and that belief holds me together so leave me with my ideas and all.  

These past few weeks have gone so well because I make pockets of time here and there for this and that and then I get it all done but OH NO I have so much more to do.

My mind keeps marching around as the water pounds me awake.

Oh no. I didn't grade all those exams that I said I'd have graded for today.

Oh no, I didn't give any feedback on the service project proposals that I said would be done for today.

Oh no, how am I going to face my students today?

OH NO, where did all the time go that I was supposed to use grading?

Oh NO what am I going to lecture on?  Yayyy one of my classes is in the middle of WW2.  I love this war, especially the part where it turns into the Cold War.   I get  a little giddy thinking about teaching because the college has seen fit to outfit my classroom with a posh system where my new Macbook goes right to the projector.  This means I don't have to worry about saving files to one drive, emailing myself a backup and then emailing another backup to a different email just in case, then wait for the  classroom computer to wake up and hope to fetch my files. This is a huge step forward, like keyless cars, and I love it because it frees my energy for professoring instead of technologying.

Just as I'm toweling off I think of other good things; Zack's homeschool is going extremely well, Zoe is ready for homecoming, all the towels are clean, I'm so glad I got that run in before the Miami game last night.

Oh no.
The Miami game.
Was last night.
Which makes today Sunday.
Which is why I haven't graded anything yet.
Which is also why I didn't set any alarms.

But I'm up so I get dressed and go get coffee.

Zack must have heard my rustling and rumblings because he came out of his room at that predawn hour, iPad in hand, gave me a HUGE hug and told me he had something to show me.