Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pretzelitized 2: Hot Cheetos

Pretzelitized 2: Hot Cheetos

You would think after all my mind racing panic I would be wide awake but my response to Zack is terse. Hmm what?

I want to show you a video about….

I wave my hands. Nope. Nah. I hate when people show me videos on little screens, and on top of that I just can’t even do videos before coffee but I’m nice about it and ask him if he knew it was Sunday - he said yes -  then he asked if he could just describe the video to me.

OK fine. If you wait until I make my coffee.

(He waited. He is a saint.)

Then he explains to me in great detail how he was watching a video on to use hot Cheetos, flour, eggs and string cheese to make fried cheese and ended with  the inevitable “could we please make them?”

I take a sip of coffee, settling into this gift of a Sunday.  

The sun isn’t even up yet, it is too early to say no to something as interesting as this, so I told him my favorite phrase – “Yes, later.”

Unprepared for so quick a victory he just nodded at me and I nodded back. 

Then he asked if I wanted to see another video and I said not to push it and we laughed.