Thursday, September 8, 2016

Crazy Frog

My stomach is rolled into a knot of dread, and I can't shake it. Nothing is really wrong,  nothing that should make my stomach hurt like this yet it does and it's almost choking me so  I take deep breaths and get myself to work anyway.  On the walk from my car to the building I see trees laying gracefully down where they should not be, sprawled and leggy like ballerinas curled up for naps outside. 

Just as I put my key in the door, a tiny tiny green frog flies out of nowhere and lands in front of me, then crawls up the door toward my face. Other people might scream, I'm like hello my crazy frog friend, nice to see you.

In my corner of the universe this is a bold sign from heaven of something, its just too funny and perfect not to be.

 I'm sure this frog has seen a lot these past days, but I know better than to stand around and talk to a  crazy frog, so I took this picture for you before I made it to my office, took more deep breaths, and got on with things that had to be done.