Friday, July 22, 2016

Margaret Shows Kindness & Compasssion while Raising Awareness about Animal Cruely

If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the Shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” -St. Francis of Assisi 

For my service project I decided to volunteer at the Animal Shelter. I have always had compassion towards animals, whether it be a tinny puppy or a huge Elephant, I care for them all. I figured working in the Animal Shelter would be a great place to help out any animals in need. In the corrupt world we live in today, I see more and more animals being mistreated for selfish reasons. It truly hurts my heart to see any kind of innocent creature being abused. There have been a shocking number of animal cruelty cases in the past few years, however people fail to recognize these issues. I want to make a difference in the world and raise
awareness for animal cruelty. My experience at the Animal Shelter gave me a chance to learn ways I can help save animals.

When I volunteered at the Animal Shelter I was assigned to a couple of different units where I had to clean out several animal cages and help provide food for each animal. The units were divided up between cats and dogs and each unit was a small room that contained several cages. It was very hard for me to see all of the cages filled with poor abandoned animals just waiting for a home. I grew very attached to all the cats and dogs in my unit and just wanted to adopt all of them. There was one dog in particular who touched my heart; the workers at the Animal
Shelter called him Zeus. 

Zeus was an abandoned dog who was recently found near a dumpster. According to the people who found him, Zeus was covered in blood- sucking ticks all over his body and there was a wire embedded around his tail. Thankfully Zeus was brought to an animal hospital where he was given a blood transfusion and had his tail amputated. Zeus was then brought to the Animal Shelter where I was able to see him and watch over him. There were several animals in the shelter just like Zeus, who have been abandoned and abused. I was able to hold and play with a few of the animals in my unit, however the majority of the animals had to be stuck in cages for several hours at a time. While I am thrilled that the Animal Shelter provides a safe home for the neglected animals; I am a bit bothered by the fact that so many of the animals were barely taken out of their small cages throughout each day. The only time I was ever allowed to take an animal out was when I had to clean the inside of its cage. I found that several of the cages were covered in poop, and a few of the animals had poop on their paws from stepping in it while they were in their cages. 

I understand that it can be very challenging to work at the Animal Shelter. I realize that there are several animals brought in each day and it can become chaotic. I do, however, think there could be a better more efficient way to keep animals safe without having them cooped up in a cage all day. I had an idea of a way to create more freedom for the animals in the Shelter. I was thinking there could be a few rooms made just for the animals to play and run around in. The rooms would not contain any cages and there could be some toys and treats provided for the animals.

There could be separate rooms for the dogs and cats to play in and each animal could have the opportunity to play in the rooms for a particular amount of time. I just think there needs to be some way for the animals to get out of their cages and to be able to have a bit more freedom.
Other than the animals being cooped up in their cages; I think the Animal Shelter has done a great job in helping save poor abandoned animals.

 I had a memorable experience volunteering at the Animal shelter and I gained a better understanding on how I can be more helpful in trying to save animals. I will truly miss seeing all of the sweet animals I was able to work with but I hope to volunteer at the same Animal Shelter again soon. There might be some cruel people out in the world who continue to harm animals; but I sure am thankful for people like the ones at the Animal Shelter who are willing to take time out of their lives to save precious animals in need.