Friday, July 22, 2016

Destiny CARES

 Student Service Project Reports, Summer 2016

Every person, all the events of your life are
there because you have drawn them there.
What you choose to do with them is up to
you” (Richard Bach). 

Every year the Center of Academic and Retention and Enhancement (CARE) program gives
approximately three hundred to five hundred first generation students the opportunity to attend The
Florida State University (FSU). 

On June 18, 2016 I decided to volunteer and participate with my dance team, known as
KINGS, in the CARE move in.CARE move in consists of you and the organization that you are a
part of and moving their items into their dorm so that it wouldn’t be so much of a hassle for their
parents. Normally the organizations pass out goody bags or some sort of item that makes them want
to join the organization. My dance team and I put together one hundred tote bags that consisted of:
A spiral notebook, a back of pens, a high lighter, a bottle of water, and a note card with five things to
never forget while in the CARE program. The tote bags were on first come first serve basis, every
student that came to our table after that only received a bottle of water and the note care. The five
things that were listed on the card was written from five to one, one being the most important. The
cards were listed as follows:
5. “Don’t give up” times may get hard, and every class may not be an easy “A” but dont give up.
4. “Be organized” you never know how much school will go by so much smoother, if you’re
organized. A cluttered itinerary is also a cluttered mind.
3. “Use your resources” there are tutors for every subject in the CARE lab, use them. That’s what
they’re there for. Any subject, any time, they’re there to Help.
2. “Stay Focused”. Although everyone needs a social life, remember what you’re here for, and that’s
to earn your degree. The same parties will be here every year, don’t let it be the reason you aren’t
1. “WE CARE”. The name isn’t CARE for a reason, if you need anything or are coming about any
troubles seek out help from the CARE staff or even your ambassadors, we’re all here to help you
through your journey.
Honestly, I feel like I did this more for myself than for the actual students. Being in the CARE
program I’ve noticed that everyone comes from a different background and have experienced
different things in life. For example during a seminar, during my CARE summer, those who wanted
to share told everyone about their experiences growing up. There were some stories about student
who repeated a couple of grades, and other stories about how students lived in some of the worst
neighborhoods in the heart of Miami. Hearing these stories made me realize that everyone deserves
a second chance at things. You’re put in certain situations to sometimes gain a reality check that, as
the quote says, all of the events of your life are there, what you choose to do with them is up to you.
Although you may have had a rough childhood and stumbled a few times growing up, being in
CARE is your second chance to make a difference in your future. You couldn’t necessarily control
how or where you grew up, but you can control the generation that you will eventually bring upon
this earth and give them things that you may have never had as a child.
The students that received our goody bag may have read the flyer and just said “I’ll be okay”,
like I did when I received something similar my CARE summer, but some people will have to
experience it on their own. Sometimes it may take failing that one class for them to realize that this is
no longer high school. Or maybe it will take staying up until five in the morning cramming for a test
because you’ve partied last night to realize that college is no longer a game. This flyer will be a
wakeup call to some, and for others just a simple piece of trash. As a whole, it could assist all the
CARE students in being consistent and dedicated enough to apply themselves to their school work.
Just the thought of thinking about how I’m a semester away from returning back to FSU is so
exciting and I’m ready to put my best foot forward. I’ve overcame what seems like the most stressful
and depressing event of my life and I now know that anything is possible. I’ve learned so much while
being away from FSU and seeing all of the new CARE
students so happy to be there made me feel as though
I took advantage of the opportunity. Starting spring of
2017, I will be back at FSU as a junior. I’m going to
take my own advice and put it to use and make the
best of my experience at the marvelous institution.
Also as Mr. Starke, whom is the program director
says, “Once a CARE student, ALWAYS a CARE
student”. (To the right is a photo of a few organizations
that helped out during the move in boy, it was HOT!)