Friday, July 22, 2016

Anna, Her Sister, and Ms. Claudia: no matter what your circumstance you still need to be loved.

Student Service Project Report Summer 2016
“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” ― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet
The opportunity to give is an awesome feeling for me. I enjoy giving of my time talent and money to people who are in need.  I love and enjoy visiting the nursing home. I have been visiting nursing home for twenty years. Ten of the years became very special to me.
There are 15,600 (2014) Number of nursing homes in the United States. There are 1.7 million Numbers of licensed beds as of 2014 and there are Proportion of nursing homes with for-profit ownership: 69.8% as of (2014) per Center of Disease and control web page
I started visiting the nursing home with a women group in the church.  We would visit the nursing home once a month after church. Residents of the nursing home enjoyed our visits. We would go from room to room asking if they desire prayer.  We would pray, sing and read scriptures in each room we visit. Starting with this group was bonding with the ladies who had the same love and compassion for the elderly and disable.  This was a time for my sister to work together in ministry.  My sister discontinues because she expresses how the nursing home smell made her literally sick and she did not visit much.
I joined another church and shared with the church the nursing home ministry there.  I began to work in the Nursing Home Ministry with this church because I enjoyed visiting the elderly and disable people who reside in the nursing home.   The mission with Life church International Center Nursing Home Ministry is phenomenal.  The Nursing Home Ministry started with 18 members and now we have five faithful members.
Everyone cannot work in the Nursing Home Ministry. During your visit you will have to interact with the disable, rather they are blind, can’t walk or talk.  The resident may have soars all over their bodies. They could have a bowel accident while you’re visiting.  The resident maybe mentally disturbed.  You have to have the heart of compassion to go in and love, pray, and sing under diverse circumstances.
We visit the nursing home once every Saturday between the times 9:45 to 11:45 a.m.  My visit in the last 10 years was special because my sister at age of 36 years of age had to live in a nursing home.  She ended up living in the Nursing home Facility due to her having an ischemic stroke when they gave her the anesthesia for surgery she never was the same. My sister passed on March 8, 2016.  I visited her everyday because I did not want her to fill as if we had abandoned her. I faithful check on her on my lunch hour and after work for 6 years.
My visit on July to the Nursing Home was so different July 16, 2016 was an amazing visit. I was the only person from the Ministry laboring. I off course said my prayer prior to entering the building and proceeded with a friendly greet with the receptionist Ms. Joyce.  I could feel this was going to be a special day.  I started my visit off with Ms. Claudia who is lying in her bed and she smiles and welcomes me in. I prayed with Ms. Claudia and sing.  Ms. Claudia informed me she hasn’t had a visitor in a while and she invites me back.  I visit the young lady Caldonia who was in the room with my sister before she passed. I sing and we prayed together. I sing a song
Lord Lead me and if you lead me I will be able to stand.   She became very touch by the song and she thanked me and she to invited me back.  I walk down the hall and one of the staff requested prayer. I prayed with the staff and embrace and encourage her to continue working and helping the people in need.   Sometimes staffs need us to pray for them.   I walked in the room to see one of the older women we usual visit she don’t talk much. She nods her
head. I ask her how she’s doing and she nods and tell she’s okay.  I was getting ready to shut the door the roommate look up at me and said would you pray for me.  I said sure. I pray and sing. In the middle of the song (what a mighty God we serve) she waves her hand and her roommate began to cry.  I talk with the young lady who nods. I said why you are crying. I ask her was she praising God she node and said yes.  The other roommate invited me back to see her.  The visits went on with people thank me and thanking God for sending me to visit.  I always end my visits with a hug and kiss.  When I left the building I felt so great to have shared love with people who were not able to get out to the church.  
Some of these residents sometimes do not have visitors for months. Most visitors only come on holidays. To go and serve these residents with my time, talent, and money is rewarding to me. I know that they have been loved on that day if no other. 
I will continue to serve in the Nursing Home and someday I plan to do a big event for the elderly and disable.  I believe no matter what your circumstance you still need to be loved.