Friday, June 17, 2016

Service Project Proposals - Blue Class

For my service project I plan on helping my Aunt Iris at a homeless shelter in Miami. My Aunt Iris is a Venezuelan born Catholic and loves to serve not only God but people. She loves to make people feel all warm and fuzzy inside and likes to make people feel loved. Every time I have been to Miami to visit my family she is always there to give me great advice on anything that I need to hear about. She gives great life lessons and is a very pivotal role model to have in my life. Every week she goes to the homeless shelter close to her home in Miami and gives out food and speaks with the homeless people that come in to the shelter. She has a very big and kind heart and she wishes nothing but the absolute best for all these people that she meets. She prays over them that they may find peace in life and to find a job and make some money that way they can afford food and shelter. She has always encouraged me to go to the shelter with her but I have always just brushed it aside and say maybe next time. Well this time I decided to say yes and give it a try so I will be going back to Miami in a couple of weeks and when I get there I will be able to join my wonderful Aunt Iris and help her out at the homeless shelter. I look forward to gaining experience in helping others and for it to open my eyes to things that I may not see in my normal everyday life under the roof of my house.


Since fresh out of high school, I have always had a passion for working with young children.  The reason I love teaching is because, a teaching career is something that never ends. You continually learn and grow each day. You learn new strategies, ideas, and skills. You learn a lot about yourself, not only as a teacher but as a person. You learn how much or how little you can handle each day. You learn more about your craft and how to best communicate it with your children. You also learn from professional development, which is essential in every teacher’s career. Teaching is not only the students learning, but you as well.  I’ve worked in childcare now for over 13 years and counting, in which over the years I have worked for some amazing childcare providers and meet a tremendous amount of amazing children, parents, and staff members as well. I have three other sisters as well, and what do you know, they all work in the childcare field as well, so of course, we have had dreams to one day open a child care facility of our own one day, hopefully very soon. Little by little we have all earned our credentials and some of them have even earned degrees in early childhood and Education in the attempt in prospering in this particular field. Being that this has and will always be a dream of mine; I do not see myself giving up when it comes to the children of our future.

I love children. They are the most innocent humans we have and yet we sometimes fail to nurture them in a way that they need to become healthy adults. Everyone starts as a child and the images that are presented during those times are the most crucial. I have always believed in kids being kids, and in meaning, having fun, playing, not worrying about having to survive. It should never be their place to worry. However, every child is not as lucky.
For my service project I will be volunteering to become a Wish Granter with Make A Wish Foundation. Make A Wish Foundation offers children that are ill, a grant to one of their most important wishes. Rather it be a Batman in the city day, or an adventure at the zoo, they make it happen. I need to be a part of this special foundation. Children are fighters, but they should not have to be. For this service project, I want to take the ease out of their pain and struggle and give them a piece of their childhood back. While not every case is a bad case, it is still a case that a little, innocent human should not have to endure.
I aim to be a part in making wishes come true, the only piece of hope and dreams that can come true. I want to be the reason a child smiles and a memory that they will never forget. While many counties are at capacity with volunteers, Leon and Gadsden are proactively looking to build a team.

Inspired by the recent events in Orlando, the shooting and murdering of nearly 50 people, the largest mass shooting to ever take place in American history, I have decided on the service project proposal. I received an email from One Blood, the donation agency that I occasionally donate blood to when the bus stops by my work building. They asked me to donate immediately because my blood type was in severe need due to the Orlando shootings. I couldn’t believe how personally responsible I felt to help. Here I am, blood pumping healthily through my body, as innocent victims are in dire need for just a small portion of that. It seems amazing, right? That you can be just a regular, non-medically educated, totally average person, and still save a life with almost no effort. Just one little prick and a few minutes waiting. That being said, for my service project I would like to donate blood as often as medical recommendation will allow for the next 6 months. The donation interval for whole blood is 8 weeks, so every month and half, I will donate to One Blood, and think about the lives that donating something an common and underappreciated as the blood in our veins. In my final project, I hope to include some stories of people who have been able to overcome frightening experiences, and survived due to blood donations. I can really only share the stories of others, since I likely wouldn’t ever hear of any effect that my blood would have over the saving of another’s life, but the idea that it’s possible is enough to make me feel like I’m doing some good in this world.

Ashley P
For my service project I would like to volunteer at the Veterans Village. The Military is dear to my heart because I have a few close relatives that served in different wars, as well as many friends that are currently on active duty. I have the up most respect for people that choose to go fight for our country and the people within it. No matter what branch someone is in, I appreciate all they have done and continue to do to fight for the freedoms I have today, and sometimes risk their live in the process. Cooking is something I like to do, and would like to think I am good at. Therefore, I would love the opportunity to serve food to the veterans in our community. I also am intrigued to hear what some of the veterans have to say about their past experiences, such as the places they have traveled to. When I was a young child, my grandfather would tell me stories from his time in the war. He would always start out with, “Things were way different back then”. It wasn’t until I got older, did I realize the truth in that statement. Every experience we have in life leaves and mark on us or changes us in some way, whether it be good or bad. I plan to fully embrace this future experience. I will be able to get a glimpse on what life was like right in the middle of the action.

Ashley M
Servicing our community can go a long way. No matter if you are with a church group, classmates or by yourself. We are called to serve others in need and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the importance of how vital it is for my own happiness as well as the happiness of those around me. Last month I participated in the Veterans Village project. Feeding those who have served our county was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It didn’t take much, but had incredible impact. This was a small project and one that didn’t cost me much. Preparing food for these men and woman was a thank you that I feel like is a part of my responsibility as an American. They have risked their lives for me. For my freedoms and for the freedoms of those I love. The absolute least that I can do is bring them dinner every once in a while. It doesn’t take much time, or money. Veterans are the ones who hold this country together. Without them, we would be a third world county with no rights. Many have fought on the front lines for us, and have seen things we cannot even image. They have had their brothers die right next to them in battle, all along bringing home the scars on their hearts and minds. I believe anything to help a veteran is for a good cause and that is what I hope to continue to do in my future service projects. There is another class Veterans Village service project that I plan to attend. The gift of food and kindness, though little, can serve in great measures. Listening to stories and being there for these people produce a genuinely humble heart and they inspire me to be better at serving my community with the resources I can provide.

For my service project, I plan to give a teenage boy or girl that’s in a homeless shelter a care package. Being a teenager and living in a homeless shelter is not ideal but its some people’s reality.  I believe that your teenage years are some of the most influential and challenging times of people’s live because this is the time they are being sculpted into young adults. Since I am a teenager/young adult, I know feeling confident with your self when going to high school or anywhere where there are people of the same age as you can be challenging, especially if you don’t feel your best. 

I wanted to create a basket of goodies that range from hygiene products, like deodorant, soap, toothbrushes, to extra food so they could have snacks, and clothing to dress the par. My purpose for creating this package is to let the teen know that someone else does care and would like to get them through a valuable time in their life. I want them to have one less worry when it comes to being confident in them selves. I know it’s not easy in some situations to remain positive but the care package was to be that extra little push for them to keep moving forward.
Also, if I am able to get a name for the individual in need, I would like to personalize it so that he or she knows it was especially made for them.

I’ve volunteered at numerous places while I was in high school, but I haven’t done anything since I’ve came to college. I originally attended Florida State University through the CARE (Center for Academic Retention and Enhancement) program as a freshman, but lost my financial aid due to some irresponsible decisions that required me to transfer to Tallahassee Community College. If you’re unfamiliar with the CARE program, it’s a program for first generation students and provides every student with an insight on what college consists of.  You receive an all-expense paid summer to Florida State University. Your tuition, meal plan, and housing are all paid for through the CARE program. CARE ia known to be one of the best programs for minorities in the state of Florida.
While entering the CARE program, I went through a process called “CARE move in” which consisted of numerous numbers of organizations and groups assisted the incoming CARE class in moving into their dorms. During my service project, I plan to assist the incoming freshman with moving into their apartments, as well as, providing them with goody bags and a simple check list on how to remain focused and responsible while out here in Tallahassee, FL on their own. For instance a simple “Don’t give up” would be helpful to any individual for any situation. I would like to stress the fact that for some college may be a walk in the park, and for others college may be one of the hardest obstacles of life, just don’t give up

Giving back can impact someone so greatly and it would cost little to nothing to do... so for my service project I am planning to go visit my grand-mother who is in an elders community but I will be there on their game night. My grandma sometimes doesn’t recognize me because of her Alzheimer’s disease, but that’s because she stills sees me as a little kid. I will get to meet the friends she had made while in this community and I hope to bring some fun and happiness by showing a new face around. Most importantly I want to see someone I used to spend so much time with. Also to be with men and women who helped shape this country. I wish to meet someone with cool military stories because wars interest me so much and hearing it from someone who experienced it first hand, they show emotion when telling them. I am always interested in stories from elders because they have experienced so much, although they can get a little cranky. One day, I know if I am ever in their position, that I would always want someone young to visit me.

      One of my favorite things to do is to go thrift shopping. It combines two of my favorite hobbies; shopping and finding unique things. I got the idea for my service project one day while shopping. I went to a few thrift shops and I stopped at the Teen Challenge Thrift Store. When I walked in I immediately felt a loving and caring atmosphere. The manager was welcoming and the people were friendly. The place was so clean and the prices were reasonable. I knew there was something different about this place so I went home and did my research on it. After looking up this organization I found out its mission and I felt like this would be the perfect place to do my Service Project. Teen Challenge is a Christian organization that partnered with Super Thrift to raise money to focus on addiction and transforming the lives of young adults. I can relate because I grew up in a family of addiction and I was pressured into drugs at a young age. I was strong enough to get myself out of that life but some of my family members were not. I tried and did all I could to help them but I didn’t know how to go about it. I wish I knew about an organization like this back then. For my Service project I plan helping the store with accepting donations and helping out in the store. I also hope to raise awareness to teens and young adults that there is a way out and that there are programs like this so close to us in Tallahassee. I've live right around the corner from this place and never knew it was there I hope that through this project I can get more people to come in and be touched by this store like I was.


“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” This quote is not only inspiring but it is a crucial way to look at life. Genuinely it has always been my passion to go out of my way to help others in need. So far I have completed beach cleanups, food drives, animal volunteer work and roadside litter cleanup. Out of them all I will never forget the beach cleanups. The ocean was and still is a big part of my childhood. It astonishes me just how fast we can pollute the very world we have to live in.
 “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”, and that is exactly what I intend to do in my upcoming service project. Upon completion I hope it has a great impact on the way I want to pursue my life.
“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” My intentions are simple I intend to do something for someone else who needs it the most and make a difference one day at a time.
I decided to volunteer my services at the homeless shelter in Tallahassee. I can make a difference in my own community by serving those in need and being a Meal Volunteer Participant. I have never volunteered at a homeless shelter before so I am excited to further myself, and humble myself. The volunteer Teams bring in grocery items and cook them in our commercial kitchen (or off-site), and then serve the prepared meal to our residents.

I don’t know exactly what I can do to be a service to someone else. I know that there are many people that are out in the world that are less fortunate than I am and are in dire need of some type of assistance. Though I am unsure of how I will complete this project, I know that me giving to someone in some form will happen. Sometimes it’s not even the big things that you give that makes a difference, but rather the smaller things that show that you have a heart and care. So many things happen to people over their lives that sometimes can’t be controlled or prevented. To be a blessing to someone else in any form will be great. I know that I am not the richest person in the world and my life isn’t the best, but to be able to bring a smile to someone’s face whether it be a child, adult, or family I am going to try to make this my service project. I know that we are all just a circumstance away from becoming like someone else, so while I have an opportunity to be of a blessing I am going to do so. I can’t say that I will cook and prepare a meal for someone though it is something I love doing because sometimes the opportunity to help another has to come in a different form, but what I will say that I will give something of myself in order to help out someone else.
There were many ideas that came to mind when it came to volunteering, but I wanted to do something that I knew that I could make a direct difference in. Since it's an election year, I will be helping a close friend Rocky Hanna work on his political campaign for Superintendent of Schools in Tallahassee. “Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.” These are the words of Rita Pierson, a person words inspired his campaign run. Rocky has a proven track record as a successful leader and community volunteer and I am excited to volunteer and be a part of his campaign.
I really have never gotten involved in politics, but I changed my mind this year because I have a friend that I really believe in. I feel that a person can learn a lot more about campaign issue by helping a candidate win election, rather than just voting. I think that it is also important for people to understand how political campaigns work and how they effect change in government. I am also going to use this volunteering experience as an opportunity to learn what others have to say. Ultimately, I really feel that I will get a great sense of accomplishment from working on his campaign and I will be getting to see and experience so many different things, from knocking on doors to making phone calls or working in headquarters."
“If you have the power to make someone happy, DO IT. The world needs more of that”. I came across this quote while on Pinterest. It really stuck out to me. The world right now is really starting to become really horrifying to me. If I can make someone happy in it I am determined to do so. Tonight I sat here and contemplated on many different things to do for my service project. I initially wanted to donate many of my old clothing and my toddlers clothing to a family that really is in need of them. I then though about writing a letter to a young man who is at Parris Island for Marine boot camp, and needs words of encouragement since he’s been there for 6 weeks, and he hasn’t received one letter from anyone. Then my service project idea just hit me. I then knew I wanted to donate my blood to the victims of the tragedy that took place in Orlando. I became aware that many blood donations were really needed.
From this I hope to help accomplish in saving many peoples life. I want to help save/ change some one’s life. Donating blood right now to these victims of such a horrific tragedy is so essential. I have only gave blood once and that was in high school. Donating blood since then actually hasn’t crossed my mind, but now I just feel like it is my duty to donate blood. I also hope from me donating I can encourage many more people to do so. Blood is always needed and I hope I can make more people aware of that. Donating blood is simple and saving someone’s life is heroic.

“Purses with a Purpose” – There is a whole new side to making a woman feel empowered and important. A sense of self confidence can go an extremely long way in our world. Purses with a Purpose is a cause that donates gently used purses that women from all around to women that are less fortunate to give them a sense confidence more or less. Each bag is filled with toiletries that are also donated so that these women are able to maintain a healthy hygiene regimen and withhold themselves with the highest of standards because regardless of how you may feel certain days, every women is beautiful.
An individual may think this is the smallest thing you can do for someone. Some even think that it is very self-centered more or less. To each there own and give your opinion as you feel necessary, but I am going to say this; Before jumping to conclusions, running off with the idea that this is purely for self-centered reasons, or any other wild idea that comes to mind, just take a moment and look at the women that have been affected by this program. Look around at the confidence that something so mildly small can do for one person.
The holidays have always been my favorite time of year. Not the day of Christmas, but the holiday spirit that seems to fill the season. When buying a gift for your mother, sister, or grandmother, you don’t see it as self-centered or selfish when they open their gift with a huge snile on their face, do you? No. You see it as a moment of bringing joy to a crazy world full of hate and negativity. Uplifting one spirit can uplift those around them. Walking by a stranger and simply just smiling can make their whole day, so why not accomplish the same feeling by donating things that these more fortunate women are willing to give up. Purses with a Purpose... bringing one little piece of positivity to a world so negative.