Monday, January 25, 2016

THIS is how to Pray: The Veterans Village Christmas Widget Story

Last semester I often had more volunteers at dinners than were actually "needed" so I created jobs for them -- ask him this, move that, take this to that over there - the usual.  One night I asked a student to take down a few basics from the Veterans just so we could know them  better - their name, where they were from, their birthday, what they wished they might get for the holidays.

The list has a bit of everything, including variations on the following:

  • a new life
  • a bank account that will never empty
  • happiness
  • a job
  • a trip around the world with.... (or to see...)
One of the Veterans asked for a widget. 
Now, OK, a widget in this case is NOT a widget, it is me trying to not give free advertising to the  gamethingy people so they are glorified.

 Imagine it was an iBoxWiiPs345PadGalaxy if that helps.
Does it? No. Ok. Widget it is. 

The Veteran who asked for the widget did not KNOW that the universe likes to answer prayers, and the more specific the prayer, the better.

 The Veteran who asked for the widget didn't know the student volunteer who was making the list was a Veteran himself who LOVED widgets and actually had a widget to SPARE.

This Christmas we brought all sorts of goodies to the Veterans -- clothes, appliances, gift cards, towels, cookware, sheets -- but only one Veteran got what he asked for.

The universe sent him the widget. And two controllers. It was awesome to behold.