Sunday, January 24, 2016

Book # 131: Bloodline

Bloodline on Nefllix might not be an actual movie but I'm counting it as one because a student adamantly assigned it to me (you will LOVE it! how have you NOT watched it? this is WHAT you TALK about? Seriously? Watch it NOW!) and because it has  13 chapters which therefore make it an unofficial book.

Every single person who adamantly recommended this book was right.  I do love the Caribbean and intrigue and fishing and money laundering.

I loved it.

I loved the pace, the building and resolution of smaller and bigger stories across chapters.

I loved how it was it was set in Islamorada with boats coming in and out, and how Miami felt like the Great Urban North.

I loved the realistic wardrobe of sun bleached Guy Harvey shirts and sundresses, I loved the dive bars and the windy waves and I especially loved watching the actors sweat in the real light of the really intense Caribbean sun.

I loved every part of this until it ended and I realized I was stuck back in a world without boats and fish and brothers.