Friday, December 18, 2015

Service Project: Keeping the Block Clean

(Student Essay Fall 2015)
  As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others. - Audrey Hepburn,
This quotereally gives me the chance to relate with the changes of my life. When you think of what the words mean when they say you have two hands were one is to help yourself while the other is to help others. 
For me to see that saying I took that as a person must take control of their life and dreams if they really want to be accomplished. In the same presents it is also saying that you must look out for others on your way up because being so focused on yourself you will lose more than gain. 
That makes me think of the old saying a closed hand will never receive, while a open hand will. Hepburn’s quote really seem to work with my service project just from the simple fact that with my neighborhood having mostly senior in it would not harm me to give them a helping hand in keeping the block clean. I was real worried about doing it because it would be something I never did for our area. 
As I got to cleaning around the block I seem to notice the block taking a new shape to me. Even though it was just a few bottles, and stray papers but to have that gone it really got a new look. For the scenery look nice to me so I know to the elders they probably enjoyed the sight.
 With that done I started to see the leave finally deciding to fall and thought I might as well get a rake and start to gather the leaves up as a way to help. Like the quote it take one hand to do things I like to do, but my other hand being raised to help out others make impressions like no other to the people around the community. 
The only thing working with both hands will do is propel you forward to a new level if you help from the heart. Compared to if you only work the one arm, which will lead to you ending up in a circle, or a point that you want be able to pass alone. 
This project really opened my eyes to what kind of people I really have living around me on day to day bases.