Saturday, December 19, 2015

Service Project: Dr. Seuss said, “ To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

            Ellen DeGeneres once said, We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that. This quote really speaks to me because of the cruel and selfish world that we live in today. It has become rare or someone to show another person kinds, compassion, joy, or laughter. Too often we let moments slip through our fingers that could have been used to brighten up somebodys day. As I think back on this past year I am realizing that I have not done my part in trying to help make the world a better place. If anything I have become bitter and pessimistic because of the things happening around me. Every time I turn on the news and learn about the hate crimes happening all over the world I cant help but feel compelled to help make the world a better place. But then doubt comes into my head and I always end up telling myself that I am one person and I have nothing to offer that will change the world. It wasn't until this semester that I came across a quote that has ultimately changed my mindset.
            Dr. Seuss said, To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.I can honestly say that I certainly was not expecting a quote by Dr. Seuss to change my entire way of thinking but it did. I now have the confidence to take every opportunity I can to make somebody happier and to have as great of an impact on there life as I possibly can.
            For my service project I sponsored a veteran from Veterans Village,named Eli.  I bought him a set of bed sheets, a long sleeve flannel shirt, and a gift card to Wendys. I did this as my service project because I know that Eli will truly be thankful for my generosity. In general, I did the service project to prove to myself that it will not kill me to take a little bit of time out of my busy schedule to help somebody else out. To be completely honest, if this project wasn't a part of my grade I probably would not have done it. I would have found an excuse to avoid it and it would have never been done. I am sure there are many other people who would have loved to sponsor Eli and I am sure that he would have been just as grateful for them. I guess you could say that I did this service project for myself. It has helped me grow as an individual because I have recognized the fact that no matter how terrible my personal life may seem, somebody will always have it worse than I do. If at the end of the day they can still find a reason to smile then there is absolutely no excuse for me to walk around pouting about the latest person who did me wrong.
            Whenever I walked into the HSS building to turn in the gifts, a person standing behind me saw how the office was overflowing with presents. He asked me what all of the presents were for. I told him that they were for the veterans and he got the biggest grin on his face. So Dr. Soldani, I want to say thank you for making this project mandatory. And thank you for everything that you have done for the veterans. I look forward to many more Facebook pictures of the delicious food you bake for them. It really has opened my eyes to the fact that I can make a change in somebody's life even with the smallest gesture.  Merry Christmas!