Saturday, December 19, 2015

Service Project: A Book for Alex (The Secret): Alex told me it touched his heart…it was a compassion that something as slight as conversation, filled a big void for him.

Kyra Cooper
Service Project Essay
            Now after reading the pressures of “better” having a good quote to open my essay, I considered playing it safe and just using one of the few you selected. But really where’s the risk in that? So I decided to google some things and there’s was one simple but yet sovereign to my heart. Said best by Steve Maraboli, “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal,” written in the book “Life, the Truth, and Being Free.” I chose this quote because it meant more than the action of giving and doing a good deed for another, to me, it meant healing internally not only for the receiver but the giver as well. Spending my first Thanksgiving away from my own family and home was new to me, but I wouldn’t have rather spent it anywhere else. The feeling of being away and on your own can be unreal to some but for a lot of people walking the world, it’s not. We as people take advantage of the things we’re blessed with and don’t realize how much of a blessing we can be to others until it happens. Deciding to make Veteran’s Village my stop for the day, made an inspiration named “Alex” possible. After serving the vets dinner and breaking off to mingle, I met Alex. Now, I’m not one to judge a book by its cover but the tats and “vato” look gave me straight CALIFORNIA! As we began to talk, I later found out I was right. From the outside looking in you probably would never imagine that this guy has risked his own life for us as citizens to live ours. That’s where Alex and I could relate. We spoke about stereotypes and where we both have come from in life but this is far from about me, and to be completely honest, I don’t know who impacted who the most! Alex is the definition of “Triumph” in my eyes. He spoke to me about his past with his wife and newborn on the way and how one day his life took a complete turn. With a series of unfortunate events, Alex not only separated from what he called “the love of his life,” but he lost his own precious creation, and to add to that later found himself living under a bridge in Tallahassee. After hearing that alone, I didn’t really understand or know how my young, less experienced in life, words could help him but I tried not to think that way anyways. Feeling nothing but compassion for him and what he’s been through I couldn’t do anything but applaud Alex on where he’s come today. This man stands at about 6ft 1 or 2 inches, approx. 200 or so pounds, and God fearing with a heart of a Lion. Hearing Alex’s story, which I don’t want to go into TOO many details about, will forever live with me. I began to talk to him about how I cope with my troubles and stress in life. We started to talk about God and just always believing not only in yourself but having Faith that God will always provide. One thing Alex told me that sticks with me the most is the way he would Question his life “Why God? Why Me?” are a few he would often ask himself. Right then and there is where I introduced Alex to....“The Secret.” The Secret is a book and film written by a Rhonda Byrne. When Alex told me he loved to read I HAD to convince him to read this book sometime in his life. “The Secret” is based on the Human ability of the Law of Attraction. It claims that positive thinking, positive energies, and strong faith released into the atmosphere from one can create life-changing results in increased happiness, wealth, and health. Now you’re probably thinking “Yea right,” and that’s okay because when I first heard about it as well, I felt the same way. Alex comes from a spiritual background so he knows a thing or two about faith, so it didn’t take much convincing. I wanted Alex to read the book first, and watch the movie, to just give him an edge on his thinking. I briefly told him what it was about and how I’ve changed my daily ways of living to manifest my own dreams and how it works.
I had to make Alex more of a believer so I went on to tell him about myself and a friend of mine, the same person I called “The love of my life,” & he could of course relate. Long story short, I told Alex that my ex-boyfriend and I would sit together in his sauna, and how one day his mom introduced us to “the secret.” Ever since that day we would just talk about where our life would be, and how we would manifest it. My ex, his names Dee, he’s an artist. Well he’s come very far from doing tattoos in his mom’s basement, he and one of the most famous celebrities of our time are not only business partners, but friends. I told Alex we used to talk about it as if we’re a dream. I was the Rihanna look alike, as people would say, and all his tattoos would make him resemble Chris Brown. We were the knockoff couple! Ha-ha. But we would talk about how one day we would be around them and how he and Chris would one day become friends. 4 years later and he lives with him basically. They’re legit best friends. I went on to tell Alex how were not together anymore, but to watch his dreams come true before our eyes, I can’t help but to be not only proud but inspired. I told him about Dee because I wanted him to be inspired too. I wanted him to know that it could happen for him too. That true love would walk into his arms that he wouldn’t have to find it, and how one day he’ll have the family he dreamed of.  I went on to tell him you can manifest and become anything you put your mind to, it’s “The Secret,” and its right in the palms of your hands. He would be a pastor before he knew it with hard work, faith, and dedication. My service project is more than any monetary value, but a simple kind gesture of conversation. Alex told me it touched his heart…it was a compassion that something as slight as conversation, filled a big void for him.
Something told me Alex would be a while before he got to it himself so to put a little fire under his butt the girls and I decided to put our money together to order “The Secret,” the book and the film for Alex to read and watch on our terms! I HATE I couldn’t give it to him myself BUT I have made up my mind that that won’t be the last time we see each other. Class is over but I will most definitely be back to Veteran’s Village. Send my love to Alex, and I hope he tells you about it Melissa!