Sunday, October 25, 2015

#grading We are like OMG they are uprising for freedom

"The United States wants to build a canal and they talk to Niagara and they agree to build
a canal with us so we start to build the canal. 

In the process of building a volcano erupts and  the U.S. is like f* this and we leave which upsets Niagara but we don’t care. 

Then we go to Columbia and say Hey Columbia we want to help you, we say you know how your state Panama's skinny we can build a canal there. 

Columbia says no and don’t be looking at our state. 

The  U.S. then offers 25 million dollars a year for rent. 

Columbia still says no because they have seen  how we do others countries. 

This angers President Roosevelt and he calls Columbia  “contemptible little creatures”, Roosevelt does this because no one says no to America. The Roosevelt Corollary to Monroe Doctrine  

 The U.S. navy parks at Panama to see uprising, we are like OMG they are uprising for  freedom."

(Nicaragua, not Niagara.....)