Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Free Kindle Downloads 10/7-10/11

I may or may not be on the brink of an adventure, and while I am (am not?) away for a few days, I have made two of my books free on kindle.

Book #1: A yoga frog solves a real-life crime. I can't make this up. PS the book is super short and involves Cracker Barrel.

Prayer of the Laughing Yoga Frog: The Story of a Professor, a Frog, and a Very Wise Man
 "A delightful, inspiring tale about a professor and a very wise student that shows the power of hope, forgiveness and synchronicity along with the life-changing importance of learning to trust and treasure the many little clues and gifts the universe sends us all, silently and abundantly."
If you enjoy this book and want to work with Alex to help write the sequel, let me know.
Book #2: My first trip to Cuba, accompanying my mother who came from Cuba as a refugee in 1960. Even though I have a PhD in history, I wasn't prepared for some of the things I saw!!!
Four Days in Cienfuegos: The Adventure of a Very Good Cuban Granddaughter
"This is a wonderful read about a daughter's first time journey with her mother into Cuba to discover her family's past. Melissa is a very witty writer and you can't help but laugh with her as she makes her way through four days of uncovering her family's history...and her marvel at the incredibly small, thimble sized glasses of wine. You will feel like you are standing there with her, on the same island her Abuela stood, wind whipping your hair...or inside homes where her family once lived and laughed. Everyone should be so fortunate in their lives to have a peek into their past and have such a connection." - MC

" A story of a granddaughter's love for her Abuela (grandmother) and her story of standing in her family's history on an island that had long been denied entry to Americans. Follow this history professor and "very good Cuban granddaughter" on an intimate and heart warming adventure across the invisible wall that separates Cubans and Cuban-Americans and makes her first visit to Cuba." - TC