#grading they didn't just sit around and cook


"Once upon a time there was an American Revolution where we replaced the idea of having the almighty king but the consent of the governed. But shortly after that we had the Revolutionary War, many people volunteered and many of the guy’s wives went with them into
war they were known as “camp followers.” But they didn’t just sit around and cook no, they
were the spies in the war. They helped out the guys. Among these women was Abigal Adams
who wanted laws and representation with women voices. Because as much as they are helping
out the guy’s they have no representation."

#grading Pudding a shirt


"Judith Sargent Murray was  the first feminist. Men kept learning things but women had to keep teaching. And they were done  teaching when they could make “pudding and a shirt” The French revolution of 1787 was based on laisse faire and things like the French revolution."

#grading We Join the Cool Kids Table

"Germany warns US citizens to not get on UK ships, because all UK ships will be shot down. 
They’re at war with the UK and any ship could be a threat.  Unfortunately, we don’t heed this warning and some citizens board the Lusitania. This was the sister ship to the Titanic, a luxury cruise ship. Germany sinks the Lusitania, killing some US citizens.  However, since this happens in 1915,  before an election year, it’s not enough for Wilson to go to war yet. Wilson runs for his second term as president in 1916 with the slogan “He kept us out of war.”
 Ironically, one month into his second term we go to war and join all the other nations.  We join the big argument at the Cool Kids’ table in the cafeteria. Hooray"

#grading We are like OMG they are uprising for freedom

"The United States wants to build a canal and they talk to Niagara and they agree to build
a canal with us so we start to build the canal. 

In the process of building a volcano erupts and  the U.S. is like f* this and we leave which upsets Niagara but we don’t care. 

Then we go to Columbia and say Hey Columbia we want to help you, we say you know how your state Panama's skinny we can build a canal there. 

Columbia says no and don’t be looking at our state. 

The  U.S. then offers 25 million dollars a year for rent. 

Columbia still says no because they have seen  how we do others countries. 

This angers President Roosevelt and he calls Columbia  “contemptible little creatures”, Roosevelt does this because no one says no to America. The Roosevelt Corollary to Monroe Doctrine  

 The U.S. navy parks at Panama to see uprising, we are like OMG they are uprising for  freedom."

(Nicaragua, not Niagara.....)

#grading Sorry not sorry

"Roosevelt corollary to the  Monroe  Doctrine  states all the US wants  is to seeour neighbor countries stable, orderly, and prosperous. Second, all good countries will count ontheir friendship meaning you’ll need to act well, act right. If you have stuff that we the US needswe will come take it away from you sorry not sorry. Now all of sudden of course the US wants tobuild a canal but let’s go and ask someone we are not in friendship with and force them to sayyes. And this is where my notes began to get real choppy...."

#grading Gospel March


Q #7: Gospel of Wealth
 Q #8: Bonus March

Student writes: "#7: Gospel March: This is when the bible drove society and God liked the rich to be rich and the poor to be poor."

#grading Irish Coffee


Q: Irish Coffee

A: "Before the Prohibition era where alcohol becomes illegal and it was illegal and Irish Coffee basically was whiskey, some hard core alcohol"

#grading Hey China!!


Q: Explain "Share Our Wealth"

A: "After the US Civil War the American economy was in a bad place so America wanted China to share their wealth. America wrote the open door note, asking China to open the door."

#grading Environmental something


Q: Scopes Trial

A: "John Scopes was fired because he was teaching environmental something. And people were saying if you teach environmental something you are teaching the children to not believe in the bible."

#grading Germany says no.


Q: Treaty of Versailles

A: "Says you will have to give up all your land, and take blame for the war and make your army smaller. Germany says no."

(Actually Germany said yes, it was the US that... nevermind....)

#grading Random Acts of Woodrow Wilson


Q: Explain the slogan "He Kept Us Out of War"

A: "Wilson was elected and kept us out of war. He was in touch with all the Spanish people."

(Google: Pershing's Punitive Mission*)

#grading Gospel of Wealth and/or Vampires


Gospel of Wealth: "According to Carnegie, God wanted some men to be rich and he gave wealth to the immortal men."

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