Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This is the Best Ham I've Ever Had (Veterans Village Notes)

 (From 8/27 participants)

My name is Sara. This was my first time going to Veterans Village. I had a amazing time. When you first arrive you'll see four multiple color buildings on stilts. There's a little circle further into the complex. And there was a very helpful nice lady in the parking lot showing us where to park. Don't worry if you have a lot of things there are plenty of nice people to help bring your stuff upstairs. Well after I parked she walked over to me and told me that the building everyone was in was the green building on the 2nd floor. So it wasn't hard to find at all. I walked upstairs to be greeted by a couple nice ladies and a few other people who had also brought food. We set up the room like a big buffet and next thing you know, a line of people came through the door and started to make there plate. I had talked to a few Veterans there while standing in line, and many greeted me walking in. "Tom" was one of the guys that came and made a plate. He was ext remely nice and asked if i was a student. We kept talking and I felt like I had a connection with this... stranger. Then we stopped so he could make a plate. "Tom" comes back over by me and sits and starts to eat and before I know it, hes saying how wonderful the food is and how thankful he was. Then to my surprise, he says "this ham is so delicious I wish I new who made it". Coincidentally, I had smoked the ham all day long and I told him. "I did." He looked at me, smiled, and said "This is the best ham I've ever had, Thank you." I swear this made my day so much, it made my year. Every little thing counts in life in yours and someone else's, always be thankful, grateful and forgiving.



My Veterans Village experience was very fun and welcoming. It made me feel good about what I was doing being that I was and will continue helping others in my community. 

As soon as I walked into the Veterans Village door I felt very comfortable in the environment
provided. There are so many nice friendly people who also volunteer who make it that much
better and entertaining.  

 I made a nice Caesar Salad that everyone seemed to have enjoyed, but even if it was bad
the people there would have still shown how thankful they are just for the thought of bringing something for them. Even though it was a class assignment I think I am going to try to go every once in awhile for the feeling of satisfaction and purpose it gave to me as I left that day.  

 I sometimes need the reminder of how blessed I truly am and that giving to people who
do not have everything given to them should be on everyones todo list. Making a difference in
peoples lives is truly the best feeling of self satisfaction everyone should experience. 

Veteran's Village Reflection

On Thursday, August 27,2015, I had the opportunity to go help give back to the community by serving Veterans (Vets) at the Veterans' Village off of Lake Bradford Road. Me, and 11 other TCC students brought an array of food items such as salad,ham, jambalaya, chicken alfredo, and many different desserts. We were responsible for arranging the set-up, serving line, and clean up for the occasion. Then we made an assembly line so that the vets could be served efficiently. After everyone was fed, I got a chance to talk to some of the service men and women, who were very appreciative of us taking the time out of our busy schedules to accommodate their needs. To me it was a rewarding experience in that I was able to help some of those vets who helped us in the past by fighting for our freedoms.

It was a pleasure to serve individuals who have served our country.  The men and women are were very thankful for the meals that were provided to them.  We were able to engage in great conversations about their life experiences.  It's nice to know that these men and women are being given the opportunity to start life over again in spite of their challenges.  I look forward to my next opportunity to serve and it is such a nice clean facility.



Veteran's Village

Volunteering at Veteran's Village was such an eye opening experience and I know my help was appreciated by the veterans. I am looking forward to participating as much as possible to build more of a relationship with the individuals who live there. Thanks to Dr. Soldani I was introduced to this opportunity which gave me such a great sense of satisfaction and respect!