Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Few Research Paper Story Project Proposals

For my Fall 2015 students ----

These proposals are from AMH 2020 and AMH 1041 this semester


I will tell the story of a homeless man or women. During this story I will find out interesting and factual real life story’s on how this happened to them and what occurred up to this. Also I would like to find out the person that means the most to them and the influence that person has on them.

No, I'm not advising you take this approach. The goal is to write history, and this could go wrong with a stranger...... 
I will be telling the story of Thomas Obst and Margaret Ann Obst who were civilian Americans living in Japan during World War 1. They were captured and held as prisoners of war for a number of years. While held, they fell in love, after being freed by American troops they married and had three sons together. Their story is valuable because it reveals some of the hardships of being prisoners of war during World War 1, and it shows that even American civilians were captured during war times, not just American soldiers. Resources can only be found within the family of Thomas and Margaret.

I wish to tell a story of my grandmother Francis Antener Baldwin. She was a seamstress and used a spinning wheel. I just found out that she was actually killed by a police car during a chase in California. I am just now finding out information about her. I hope you accept this proposal.

My other choice is my father just told me a story about June Carter and Johnny Cash. The only problem with this story is I am unsure how true it is, and how much there really is to tell. I confirmed this story with my father’s ex-wife and it is true. I also have recently learned that my father was one of the paramedics during the Kent State shooting, where my mother also went to school. I am really trying to use this project to dig in my father’s side of family, and life. I was raised my father and mother, however my father was and is very secretive. I have been trying to pry him of any information I can get.

Pick one and get rolling!

I will tell the story of Toussaint Louverture, the famous Haitian military leader, who led the Haitian Revolution. It is important because Toussaint Louverture, who was nicknamed Black
NapolĂ©on, was a genius military and political issues and procedures. And because his story has not been told in many History classes nor to the public, as in movies, books, biopics, etc. The Haitian Revolution was a very violent and graphic uprising of the Haitian slaves against the French military and leaders, and anything violent and controversial is always interesting. Toussaint Louverture is valuable in history because at the time he gave slaves around the world hope of freedom due to the success of the Haitian Revolution. Resources of Toussaint
Louverture can be found on the internet and maybe in History books about the Haitian Revolution.

No, unless you have access to primary source documents that have never been used… his story has been told many times and in many ways and your work would not add to the literature that has already been created.

I was hoping that if you thought it was a good idea to do my children's hospital visit, that I could get a story from one of the children that I visit. I could ask one of them 'What happened on their favorite day?'. I could write what they say as a story.

That would be sweet but no, your story should be set in history. Any story after 2001 should be related to a current war or conflict….

For my story project, I would like to tell the story of how my great grandparents
fled the Czar in Russia to come to the United States as the communists were approaching
(Russian Revolution). It is important because it is how my family was able to make it to
America and is a major turning point in history. Resources can be information through
family member and information found online

I will be writing my story project on my grandfather whose family migrated from Europe. His family was of Jewish descent and they escaped the turmoil and rule of Hitler by a few years. This story is importantto be because it illustrates my family roots and how my grandfather turned dreams and aspirations into a successful American family run business. The resources will be from my own knowledge and secondhand knowledge that I have gained from my father.

Yes! I will help you find documents and sources*

The story that I will be telling is the story of my early childhood and how I truly believe that my mother is the bravest and strongest person I know. She over came so much and went through so much being a single mother with two toddlers. It is important to me because I believe that it is a significant story that has a huge impact in my life and it always will. The resources can be found talking to my mother and grandmother.

I'm not sure if there is a history paper here, but there could be if you shift the focus to your grandparents --- Make sure your story is historical and not too recent.

I was considering writing about my dad and about his time in the army. He served in the
army for two years during the time of the Cold War. He never actually had to fight in a war but
he still served for the U.S. army and did other things like transport explosives via his backpack to
different locations. My dad was also stationed in Germany during his time in the army. The main
reason for tell his story however, is to share how the army helped straighten him up from a not-
so-caring college student, to a master’s degree graduate from the University of Georgia in
political science. My dad now works in the Capital Building here in town and has become very
successful since he graduated from UGA



For my story project i will be telling my father story of the invasion of Greneda by the U.S. It shows the significant in this invasion and can be found online and by my father experience. 


I'm going to tell an untold story of an enslaved man named Tom Pully (Pulley) who happens to be my great great great grandfather Isaac Pulley’s father. His enslavement/runaway story has paved my entire family tree. Now the internet doesn't have much information regarding Mr Pulley, but I took it upon myself to do my own digging and who better to do it through than my family tree itself. My story project will not only include Tom Pulley's slave stories & experiences , but also the trickling down of his story ALL the way down to my immediate history.

Ok, get researching!

Growing up in a family with divorced parents, it was difficult to stay close to both sides. There were things that I didn’t know about my father that I wish I had learned early on. I got the opportunity to learn parts of his past, and this impacted me greatly. I learned that there was a period in my father’s life in which he was homeless, and living out of his car. With no where to turn, my dad had to shower at a gym every night and park his car somewhere close to his job, hoping he was never caught. His homelessness was a result of his father abandoning him as a small child, and his mother being mentally ill with an alcohol problem. My dad’s rough childhood led him to much poverty and didn’t allow him to receive a full education. It was a very unfortunate stage in his life and he had barely any means to support himself at 18, with a low paying job….

Be careful, this is very recent and you want to write history paper so maybe focus more on your grandfather????

I might can find some history on some indians from our area.

Please revise and resubmit your proposal.

I choose my parents because it always wonder to me how these two totally different people got together. Valuable to me because it shows me how you can be nice to someone you don't even know and than wind up having kids with. Growing and learning the ticks about life. Some of my resources can found through both my other and father and also old pictures and documents.

Be careful that you are not writing about too recent events – this is for a history class – I suggest you focus on an earlier generation of your family.*
 I was born in Moscow, Russia and was directly sent to an adoption center. My biological mother had 5 kids and couldn't afford me. I stayed at the center for 3 and a half years limited to one small meal a day and not much social interaction or care from anyone. I had some health issues when I came to the U.S because of my limited care. But the fact of me being picked from all those other kids is a mystery to me still to this day. I mean if I didn't get adopted I could be in the Russian military doing who knows what right now. So that story made me who I am today, I try to be nice as possible to everyone I meet or see. I understand times are tough and everyone needs assistance, but everyone is human and we all are capable of living a happy life. 


For my story project, I will be interviewing my "Uncle," Michael T**, who fought in the Vietnam war and who grew up in a military family traveling the world. My "Uncle" is my two older brother's dad. With over 20 years Active and Reserve service with the U.S. Army, Mike retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1992. He is a Vietnam veteran.

For my topic proposal I would like to tell a story about my own personal experience, volunteering at Habitat for Humanity for 2011 and 2012. Habitat for humanity is a non-profit organization that builds new homes for people that are unable to afford to live in such comfortable conditions. My experience through Habitat for humanity was life changing and a very important time in my youth while trying to make a transition from a kid to a young adult. I can provide a very detailed experience from the two years I volunteered at Habitat and explain the life-long lasting effect that it had on me, how I was before volunteering and how I have changed since working with Habitat for humanity and how it has helped me on to the current road that I am today.

No, this is too recent and not a history paper...  come see me and lets discuss topics....
For my essay, I would like the topic of my essay to be about my 6 great uncles. I'm missing many details about them, but they all fought together in world war II together. Only one of them is still alive today and in my life I only knew two for them. The others either died in action or passed away before I was born. My father has told me many stories about them and I would like to put down all of those stories together in memory of them.