Wednesday, July 22, 2015

This summer has truly changed my life forever.

 (from a student AMH2020 online summer)

This summer has truly changed my life forever.
I am forever grateful for have taken your class and as long as you teach I will continue to recommend you to anyone that has to take American history. For my mission I chose to join you on a Thursday to go feed the veterans. I mainly chose this for my mission because 
A. I wanted to meet you and B. 1I just figured it would be the easiest thing for me to do, little did I know that day would change me forever. I met the most incredible people that day one of them being you, Dr. Soldani. I met people who have way less than me, but do not complain about it. People that are so happy and grateful for that hour or two that they got to share with us. Those people that have sacrificed so much fighting for our freedom. I had so much fun singing and sharing a dinner with the veterans. It was so interesting talking to some of the veterans and hearing all of the interesting stories they have to tell. 
After the dinner that Thursday night I went home and shared my experienced with my husband. I told him how much I wanted to do more stuff like that, how maybe I could probably try to make it once a month to one of those dinners on Thursday. He just listened, I thought he just thought I was crazy. A couple of days passed by and he said, “remember the other day you were talking to me about trying to do something nice for someone or getting involved in some kind of selfless act.” I thought to myself wow he really listened to me. My parents- in- law live in a very poor small two. My father- in- law is the pastor of a small church in this very poor town. Well my husband and I decided to once a month on a Saturday afternoon have a huge potluck luncheon for these very poor people that can barely afford food. We spoke to my father-in-law and he was very excited by this a couple weeks after that Thursday dinner with the veterans we did this for the first time on a Saturday. That day was so amazing people in the town were so grateful. They shared their stories and struggles a couple were actually trying to figure out what they and their kids would have to eat that day because they had no food and the asked God for a miracle and we were their miracle. The tears I shed that day could probably make a little lake. It was a very special and magical day. We are planning to drive down there and do it again. My father- in- law loved it so much he actually took this on as a youth project for the youth at our church and they are doing it every Saturday. My husband, the kids and I only join them once a month because we do not live that close to them so it is kind of hard traveling every weekend. I also cleaned out my closet, something I refused to do because I mean I just wanted to hoard all the clothes I have. So I cleaned my closet and my kids toy room and I spoke to my mom and had her find families in the churches in Miami or people just getting here from other countries like, Cuba, etc. and I donated all the clothes and all the toys I cleaned out. So I inspired my mom, cousin, and some of my friends to do the same. So now I am always trying to help everyone I see. The other day coming out of Publix there was this homeless man asking for some change because he said he did not have anything to eat. I truly had no change, but I went inside Publix and bought him a Publix sub and a bottle of water. He was speechless he thanked me so much and said to me, “my buddy has a bad leg and he is going to be so happy when I show up with dinner for the both of us.” He thanked me a bunch of times and then took off. 2It feels great to make a difference. It feels so good to know that even if it is just for one day you have made a family’s life a lot easier and gave them one less day to have to worry.
I have learned so much this summer. I always knew that money does not buy happiness and that material things do not buy happiness wither, but I have never experienced it firsthand where I can truly say I met people who were truly happy and grateful and had such a positive attitude towards life regardless of not having even half the stuff I have. I am so grateful for my home, everyday food, air conditioner, hot shower, kids and husband. That day with you made me realize that we need more people like you out in the world. Thank you for doing what you do and for showing me that I also need to get involved. Do not top making us do these missions because you opened my eyes to the fact that actually doing something for someone without expecting anything in return is so fulfilling. I hope many more in our class got to experience that. I can honestly say that not only did you make me a better person, you made me a better nurse. I always cared for my patients, but now more than ever I love what I do and I care for my patients in a much deeper way. I plan to continue to do these selfless acts and I hope my children also learn to do so as well. I will keep in touch with you Dr. Soldani because I most definitely will join you again on a Thursday for another dinner with the veterans. This time I won’t get lost, I will be there on time!