Wednesday, July 22, 2015

No One Has Ever Become Poor by Giving

(online student AMH2020 summer 2015)

Day after day, we see lives through our own eyes but these visions are solely limited to the outside of what we are able to see. No one person has the right to judge or be judged but we judge those who are less fortunate day in and day out. 
To understand ones misfortune, we would have to be in their shoes to know exactly what they are going through. Those of us who have achieved fortune in our lives may have unknowingly condescended on those who headed down a path that they could not control. When you think of someone who is poor, you may think that they completely gave up on life and decided that they just weren’t going to try anymore. That is not always the case. 1Anne Frank once said, “No one has ever become poor by giving”. When I read this particular line time and time again, it reminds me that giving is not just handing someone less fortunate money and saying, “Way to go me, I helped them out”, but rather allowing yourself to ask questions without getting judgmental. Allowing yourself to ask questions that help you understand. Becoming someone who gives another courage just by smiling at them as saying, “have a beautiful day”. This assignment actually touched me in a way I never thought would happen.
Growing up as a little girl, I received all of my older sisters’ hand-me-downs and it never felt good but I was appreciative because my mother worked three jobs with 4 kids just to make ends meet. We barely had food in the fridge and some days we went without because my mother was a proud mother. Sometimes the only food we ate that day were the breakfast and lunch in school. Electricity cut off many times, car problems almost every week and it was clear my mother was worn out and extremely tired. There was only so much we as children could do. After a while I began to learn that throwing subtle hints to my grandparents was the only way we would ever get the things we needed. As we began to grow up, I was able to start making my own living. I struggled but the struggle wasn’t enough to break me pass the point of no return. Working in a hospital, as I do now, has opened my eyes to those less fortunate because they do what they can to seek shelter and a warm meal. The one thing that makes me feel for them the most is that the little things really do mean a lot to them. They really do appreciate the one night stay with the breakfast lunch and dinner included in the deal.
I chose to send a care package to Alex because it reminded me of when my grandfather would send me packages every month while I was struggling living away from home. I created a strong bond with my grandparents because I am a very loving person and I enjoy speaking to them on a daily basis. My grandmother and grandfather would ask me all the time, “Do you need anything? I ordered you a few things from”. I became so humble that when this opportunity came up, I was so ready to go after it because I know what it feels like to not be able to do well for yourself. I asked around, because I was extremely nervous, as to what everyone thought I should get together for Alex that he may like. When I finally gathered a great sense of things to place in the box, I felt a sense of accomplishment because I was able to give to someone who had things taken from them. Someone I felt didn’t need but appreciated the things that were sent to him. I cared not abou8t how much the items cost me because it was not about the amount but about how well you felt afterwards and the enjoyment you felt the other person would get out of the package. Someone you never met took time to think hard on things they thought you would appreciate and sent them to you with a meaningful letter attached is probably a great feeling to have, not because they feel sorry for you but because they feel that “No one has ever become poor by giving”.