Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Box to Alex

 (from a student in summer AMH2020 online)
I chose to send a package to Alex. People who have a debilitating medical condition really inspire me. Often times I wonder if I was put in the same situation, would I be able to live under those conditions. I chose to send the package to Alex because I can image how hard it is to get things in Alex’s condition. I know that people help Alex with getting food and other but I’m sure its nice to see how much support Alex can get from the outside world. Plus, I know I would love to get random packages that contained movies, food and other assorted goodies.
 I think the packages would really show Alex just how much everyone supports him. 
I’ve learned from my package to Alex that even the simplest items can go forgotten in everyday life. 1Things that I take for granted can mean the world to someone else. Simple items such as a movie and some popcorn can make someone else’s day. I think that when Alex receives all these packages we realizes just how many people support him. The other good thing about these assignments is that they make people act kindly towards one another. In current times, people seem to have forgotten what its like to be nice to one another. No one is nice any more and everyone seems to not care about each other. It’s nice to see people caring about each other again.
For the most a part I think these missions are about brining kindness back to the world. These days, kind acts are few and far between.

 2There is so much hate and discontent in this world. We need more kindness and kind acts towards other. I think this is the main problem in our society today. Everyone is so worried about racial issues when all we need to do is to be nice to one another. These assignments I think bring that niceness back to some people. And, hopefully those people will continue the generosity in their everyday lives. I know I will.