Saturday, May 2, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog Q&A: Taking the 15th

Questions for Dr. Soldani:
1) What made Alex finally decide that it was okay to share his terrible experience? -- 

 I'll ask him to explain it!

2) Did the book actually get finished by Valentine ’s Day?  

I don't mess around. Of course it was!

3) Did you know there are 2 chapter 15’s?


4) Why are there 2 chapter 15’s? 

See above. 

5) Seriously, why are there 2 chapter 15’s?

 I'm taking the 5th. Or the 15th, the first or second 15th, whichever works. 

6) Were you trying to start a new trend? It’s an interesting idea. You know, like maybe chapter 15 part one, then chapter 15 part 2. Or maybe chapter 15 the prequel, then chapter 15 the sequel.