Friday, May 22, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog 5: "It wasn't very frogilicious like her beloved silent yoga-tastic frog"

1. Describe the Yoga Frog as seen by the professor.What was her reaction when she first saw it?

The Yoga Frog was dark green and it stood in a perfectly balanced tree pose with its hands folded in its heart in prayer while its entire head was thrown up in the sky in a broad smile.When she first saw it, she froze then proclaimed her delight.She loved it.

2. Explain how the professor ended up buying the frog.

The professor went to Cracker Barrel the third time to have some eggs which she had been craving for some time.When she got there, she went to where the frog was and realised that it was gone.She went and sat at a table and had her meal but she was sad.When she went to the counter to pay, she asked the cashier whether they had some more Yoga frogs and the cashier pointed to one at the back of the store.The professor quickly went to pick up the frog and bought it before she lost it forever.

3. Why did the professor carry the frog to her classes?

The professor believed that the frog would help her students during exams.She also wanted to teach her students a valuable lesson.The story of the frog inspired her belief that what the universe intends for you, you will receive.The frog waited for her because it was intended for her.

4. Did the professor want anything for Christmas?If yes, what did she want?If no, why didn't she want anything for Christmas?

The professor didn't want anything for Christmas.She was so excited that she had finished writing her book, Prayer of The Laughing Yoga Frog.The satisfactionof finishing something was enough for her.

5. Why didn't the professor like Bugger the Lucky frog?

She said it looked tough and cold and hard and intimidating and she wouldn't even look at the frog in the eye. It wasn't green nor was it funny.It wasn't very frogilicious like her beloved silent yoga-tastic frog.

1. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in our book? 
Change anything I did? Or what I wrote about? Neither, I guess. I live with my eyes forward, you know? I'm open to this book being expanded one day. Alex and I were working on a book before he moved and maybe we will finish it or add it into this.

2. What was the hardest part of writing your book?
I got the email saying my book published while I was at Outback Steakhouse. The waiter was an ex-student who had taken a picture with the Yoga Frog. I start getting all excited and teary eyed and my waiter is jumping for joy and my kids are like "that's nice" and asked for more honey butter. The hardest part of writing this book, of any book, is probably letting it go, being done and moving on to the next story. I wiped my tears of joy and ate what little honey butter the kids left me and then wrote stories about other things.

PS ---> Bugger died after 4 months. Sad. Not.