Friday, May 22, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog 4: Did Reggie get prosecuted?

1.     What was the name of the young man who stole out of Alex bank account?
*Answer: Reggie was the man that stole from Alex’s bank account 

2.     What’s the name of the frog, the professor got Christmas?
*Answer: The frog’s name was Bugger

3.     How much was the price slashed before the professor brought the laughing yoga frog”
*Answer: The price was slashed 80%

4.     What did Alex dream?
*Answer: Alex dreamed that the frog wanted to come live with him
5.      What was Alex’s major in school?
*Answer: His major was Theatre


1.     Did Reggie  get prosecuted? Yes. And he has paid restitution.

2.     Did you check with Cracker Barrel to see if they had another laughing yoga frog, before giving him the one you had?  Nope. I just let it go.