Friday, May 22, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog 3: "Frogs start out as tadpoles and change into something they didn’t intend to become"

1.    Where did the professor find the Yoga Frog? How did she react after finding it?
The frog was found at Cracker Barrel and the professor was intrigued by its stability, balance, and strength.
2.    Why is the professor so interested in frogs?
Growing up the professor’s mom told her a prayer in Spanish that related to changing into something else as they grow. Frogs start out as tadpoles and change into something they didn’t intend to become, but they can leap into a new life and when you lose something, you always gain something else even if you don’t realize it right away.
3.    When did the professor get the second frog? Who did she get it from? How did she react?
The professor got her second frog for Christmas. It was a gift from her children because she loves frogs. She was not very enthused because it was a stern business frog; it wasn’t fun like the yoga frog. Her kids explained that it was to help the professor jump into the next part of her life; the professor was not thrilled because she is happy where she is in life now.
4.    What did Reggie do to Alex and how did this affect him?
Reggie was the person who took Alex for his tests and helped him academically to make sure he is safe on campus. Reggie was somebody that Alex could trust and he betrayed him. Reggie was stealing from Alex and this lead Alex to be bitter and hostile to new people and not want to open up to anybody new in his life.
5.    Why did the professor start taking pictures with her students? How did this benefit Alex and his family?
The professor began taking pictures with her students when she was informed that one of her students had passed away. This was beneficial to Alex because it helped the police identify Reggie when he was being prosecuted.

Questions for Professor Soldani

1.  Do we really get rocks after our exam? Yes. LOL, apparently this is a BIG concern. I'll come through, I always do. 

2. Do you still speak with Alex? He moved out of town a year ago, and last semester my students sent him boxes. We've spoken once in the past few months and right now I'm trying to arrange another chat.