Friday, May 22, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog: 2 "What the universe intends for you, you will receive.”

1)    What did the frog statue symbolize?
·      The frog statue was a symbol of what is for you will not pass you. As said in the book, “What the universe intends for you, you will receive.” The professor walked away from the frog twice before purchasing it. However, on her third visit it was still there waiting-and on clearance at that. The frog brought her joy because it was intended for her. The frog waited for her and was intended for her.
2)    Why was it important for Alex to forgive Reggie?
·      If Alex were to not forgive Reggie, he would be consumed by anger and revenge. All though what Reggie did was awful, he is paying for his crimes through the justice system. It was crucial for Alex to rise above what happened to him, and not be a victim. Alex instead needed to be an advocate to prevent this from ever happening to him or anyone else. Instead of being consumed by revenge Alex needed to forgive.
3)    What main ideas/ themes are expressed in the book?
·      A prominent main idea expressed is that the universe has something in store for everyone. What is for you will not pass you, even if you avoid the thing twice before coming back to buy it.  Also, do not become a victim to anything that has happened to you. However, do forgive those who have done wrong against you, or you will remain a victim, and be consumed by anger.
4)    How can this book be applied to you?
·      Coming into college, we are asked to make some pretty major decisions. What do I want to do for the rest of my life? What is right for me? I can’t get enough of what the author said in the book “What the universe intends for you, you will receive.” So that gives me peace at heart that what is for me will find me. It will be fantastic.
5)    What would the professor not write about and why?
·       The professor refused to write about a victim and an angry man. The professor refused because Alex was bigger and better and that. Alex was a good guy and she did not the book to be about what happened to him. Instead the book was to represent who Alex was as a person.

Questions for Dr. Soldani:

Do we still get lucky rocks? Definitely. Of course!!!! And your rock has been patiently waiting for you for the bast billion years, so I can only imagine how happy it will be to meet you*

Did the professor ever master the pose?
 Yes. I do it during lecture sometimes. Watch.